Private, Professional, One-On-One Tutoring for All Learners

Whether stuck on the basics or challenged by advanced concepts, the private subject tutors at Vested Academics are here to get your child back on track.

Not Enough One-On-One Attention at School

Although group learning is a vital part of any education, few students get enough one-on-one instruction at school. This means that questions are left unanswered, concepts get missed, and learning gaps develop.

Stop Paying for Unqualified Tutors That Don’t Get Results

With the emergence of online tutoring websites, it seems like just about anyone can hang a virtual shingle and claim to be a professional tutor. And, focused on their bottom lines, many popular tutoring centers often hire inexperienced, unqualified peer tutors to work with their clients.

Vested Academics tutors get students caught up and on track, so parents worry less about academic success. Here’s how . . .


Professional Educators

Master’s degree or higher

At Vested Academics, we believe that educational credentials count. All our private subject tutors have master’s degrees or higher in their respective fields and are incredibly passionate about what they teach and how they teach it.

Dependable during and after

As professional educators, our private tutors take their jobs seriously. Vested Academics families can count on their tutors for prompt service at the time of their scheduled sessions and during any follow-up communication.

Experienced at the craft of private tutoring

Vested Academics private subject tutors have not only mastered their subjects but also earned years of experience working with students in the classroom and private settings. They have seen all types of learners, understand how to get through to them, and how to keep them engaged.


Grades 3-5 & Grades 6-8

Our private tutors know kids! We work with young learners in elementary and middle school, delivering support in all subjects and at all levels.


High School & College Students

Offering assistance in all subjects, Vested Academics provides tutoring support to high school students and currently enrolled undergrads.

Fill Learning Gaps

Get to the root cause

Our private subject tutors uncover and address lapses in understanding due to missed school, challenging classes, and learning difficulties.

Better grades

We bring students up to speed fast, sussing out where informational gaps exist and introducing fresh techniques to solidify new concepts. By regularly increasing understanding, working through taxing assignments step by step, and reviewing recently completed assessments, students often improve their academic performance naturally.

Supporting all learners

Vested Academics private subject tutors adapt to the needs and learning style of each student across all subjects and course levels.

Designed for Results

Matched to the right tutor

Our Learning Support Team will assess your student and match them to the right Vested Academics tutor, ensuring an optimal fit for personality and learning style.

Consistent and comprehensive

By regularly meeting with the same subject tutor, your child will receive comprehensive learning support specific to their individual needs.

Accessible and flexible

When meeting in person isn’t an option, you can elect to have your child connect with their Vested Academics private tutor via private, secure video conference. Whether on vacation or uninspired by yet another commute, you can rest assured knowing that our private subject tutors can deliver the same quality, one-on-one learning support to your child from the virtual setting.


Private & Confidential

Whether your student is embarrassed about receiving help or you value your anonymity, our private tutors are always discrete and respectful of your family’s privacy.


In Person or Video Conference

Vested Academics private subject tutors offer learning support in person and via private, secure video conference, adapting to your student’s schedule as needed.


Effective, Professional Subject Tutoring for Families Who Value Quality Education

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