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Wherever your child might be on their learning journey, our Educational Advocacy Team has the professionalism and experience your family needs to succeed.

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We Help Families With:

» 504 Plan Advocacy
» IEP Advocacy
» Behavioral Intervention Plans
» School Transitions
» Special Education Eligibility
» Transition Planning

Beginning with your initial free consultation , our educational advocates will assess your current situation, walk you through your options, and help you put a strategy into action, step by step.

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Why Vested Academics Educational Advocacy?

All our educational advocates have worked with children, parents, and families in both school-based and private consulting settings, affording them with the experience, expertise, and diverse skillsets our clients require.

All our Advocates:

» Master’s degree or higher
» At least 10 years of professional experience
» Specialize in unique areas of education
» Collaborate with our Advocacy Team

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ADHD Advocacy

Well-versed in the challenges that ADHD presents, our advocacy team advises parents on how to locate and vet professional tutoring, social skills, and mental health services, as well as behavioral interventions and educational assessments.


Autism Advocacy

From preschool to the college level, our team advocates for Massachusetts parents of students with Autism, guiding them toward learning paths that support their challenges and reinforce their strengths.


Dyslexia Advocacy

Our advocacy team empowers parents of children with dyslexia by showing them how to gain access to the right accommodations, programs, and supports for their child.


Executive Functioning Advocacy

From services that address organization to time management, flexible thinking to emotional regulation, our advocates help families secure school services that address executive functioning needs.


Medical Advocacy

Whether navigating a new or ongoing diagnosis, your family can rely on our team to provide professional medical advocacy designed to acquire an equitable education for your child.


Mental Health Advocacy

We help parents get schools to successfully address accommodations for a variety of mental health conditions, including school anxiety, academic stress, depression, school phobia, and school avoidance.


Non-Verbal Learning Disability Advocacy

Our advocates assist with securing critical services, including supports for executive functioning, verbal cueing, extended time on tests, note taking, social skills, self advocacy, visual spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and bullying prevention.


Social Skills Advocacy

By integrating unique services into our clients’ accommodations, our advocates can actualize the extra support in building peer and community relationships that students need to adapt, grow, and succeed.


Specific Learning Disability Advocacy

A Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) diagnosis can be as revealing as it is confusing. We empower parents with the advocacy support they need to give their child access to the educations they deserve.


Speech and Language Advocacy

Speech and language conditions necessitate unique accommodations. Our advocates guide parents toward better resources, support, and learning outcomes.


Transition Planning Advocacy

We work directly with families to secure appropriate vision statements and incorporate student attendance at school meetings—two critical components of the transition planning process.


Trauma-Focused Advocacy

Whether requesting in-school counseling, social-emotional progress reports, behavioral interventions, or social skills support, you can rest assured knowing that we are here to support you and your child every step of the way.


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Our Team Also Offers

» Neuropsychological Testing
» Private School Consulting
» College Consulting
» Customized Learning Support
» Academic Coaching
» Private Test Prep
» Subject Tutoring
» Reading Therapy
» Executive Functioning Support

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Vested Academics Educational Advocacy Help Families Get the Support They need.

Our advocates offer professional consulting and non-legal representation that can help your child access their education.



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