A Complete Approach

to a College Graduation

We provide guidance, structure, and support to help students thrive in middle school, succeed in high school, and graduate college.

A Complete Approach

to a College Graduation

We provide guidance, structure, and support to help students thrive in middle school, succeed in high school, and graduate college.

U.S. Schools & the Guidance Crisis


Stretched too thin, public school counselors do not have enough time to provide each middle school and high school student with one-on-one guidance. And when college planning season comes around, guidance departments, still strapped for time and resources, often pass tasks off to confused parents, shuffling them through the process with checklists and online dashboards.


On average, each school counselor in the United States has a caseload of four hundred and eighty-two students.


Poor Guidance Creates Financial Disasters

Most school counselors have an incomplete understanding of the financial aid system. Why would they? Financial aid consulting is a completely separate profession. Families, however, often depend on their school counselors for financial aid literacy—a situation that can result in poor decisions, overpaying for degrees, and missing out on scholarship opportunities.

The absence of professional financial aid advice keeps students in the dark, burns out parents, and can put a strain on family finances and relationships for decades.

$1.5 Trillion

The total amount of U.S. student loan debt.

$393 Per Month

The average student loan payment is approximately $393 per month.

Why Most Popular College Prep Companies Aren’t Worth It

Don’t buy the marketing hype. Expensive college prep doesn’t automatically increase your child’s chances of admission into an elite university. Driven by profits, these companies take on too many clients and try to compensate by creating flashy apps and dashboards that, once again, pass tasks off to students and parents (sound familiar?).

Their free consults are sales calls. They hide their pricing and overcharge for essay services and ineffective test prep. And, even worse, they often sell the data they’ve collected on you and your child to turn another buck and feign results.

They’re part of the systemic problem.

What College Prep Companies Aren’t Telling You

60% Graduation Rate

Only sixty percent of all U.S. college students actually graduate.

38% Transfer Rate

Thirty-eight percent of all first-year students transfer.

25% Default on Loans

Twenty-five percent of undergrads who do not complete a degree default on their student loans.


Graduating & Paying for College Are the Hardest parts

Anyone can market a student or “craft” a profile. That’s the easy part. Building a self-sufficient, independent student who is ready for college is the real work—and it takes time, skill, and experienced educational professionals, not admissions experts.

The real issue is that we’re giving unprepared and unsupported teenagers access to $150,000-$250,000 educational opportunities and crossing our fingers, hoping that everything turns out ok.

Unfortunately, for most students, it’s not ok. Nearly 40% of all undergrads who attend college aren’t graduating. A lot of students lack the maturity to take on this kind of financial risk. They’ve never learned how to be independent, ask for help, or balance their school work and social lives. Others don’t have a supportive network to lean on. Some are missing both.

How We’re Solving the Real Problems

Designed by Educators

Our company and its services were created by educational professionals, not data engineers or MBAs looking to turn a quick profit.

We Build Independent Students

We help students become independent learners who are prepared to succeed in middle school, high school, and college.

A Team of Experienced Educational Professionals

Our consulting team is comprised of seasoned principals, admissions consultants, licensed counselors, teachers, tutors, employment consultants, and financial aid experts.

Emphasizing Balance & Belonging

By emphasizing the importance of social relationships and responsibility, we teach students how to set healthy goals, explore new interests, and keep balanced schedules.

Families, Parents & Students

Working via video conference, we provide one-on-one guidance to students, parents, and families in their homes, at school, and anywhere in between.

Real College Prep

We teach students the organizational and time-management tools they need to be productive in college, how, when, and where to ask for help, and how to take full advantage of the resources they are paying for.

Working With Enrolled Undergrads

We continue to guide and advise enrolled college students, ensuring they have the structure and support they need to graduate and thrive.

Financial Aid Advocacy

We act as financial aid advocates for parents during the college application process and for students while they are enrolled in college and after they graduate.

Scholarship Coaching

We teach students and parents how to use free resources to locate, vet, and apply to quality scholarship opportunities in high school and throughout all four years of college.

Financial Aid Literacy

We give students and families the advice they need to decrease out-of-pocket costs and avoid taking on excessive student loan debt.

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