Educational Consulting, From Kindergarten to College Graduation

What are the advantages of private educational consulting?

Our unique, team-based approach gives families the professional learning support, academic guidance, and college planning services they need, when they need them, from grade school to college graduation.


Kindness, Experience & Professionalism Make the Difference

Learn why more families trust the Vested Academics Team for professional educational consulting, college planning, and learning support, from grade school to college graduation.


All Grades & Levels

We provide our families with expert learning support and educational consulting, from third grade to college graduation.


Individual Attention

Whether taking the lead or working with your current school counselor, we map out and maintain a personalized academic plan for each student.


Consistent Resource

At Vested Academics, our team serves as a consistent resource for families, from grade school through college graduation.

Link to: <span class="postpara1">VESTED ACADEMICS</span><br><span class="posttitle1">Our Learning Center</span>Link to: <span class="postpara1">VESTED ACADEMICS</span><br><span class="posttitle1">Our Learning Center</span>

2022 Summer College App & Essay Classes

Use your summer wisely. Our small-group classes will keep your rising-senior's college apps and essays on track.

Link to: <span class="postpara1">ABOUT</span><br><span class="posttitle1">Our Company & Mission</span>Link to: <span class="postpara1">ABOUT</span><br><span class="posttitle1">Our Company & Mission</span>

Which Services Are Right for Your Student?

Take a 2-minute quiz and learn which Vested Academics services are right for your student.


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Educational consulting, from
kindergarten to college graduation.

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