Educational Consulting, From 3rd Grade to College Graduation

Our Clients Get the Best of Both Worlds

Our holistic approach to educational consulting includes academic guidance, learning support, and college planning.


All Grades & Levels

We provide our families with expert learning support and educational consulting, from third grade to college graduation.


Individual Attention

Whether taking the lead or working with your current school counselor, our team will map out a successful academic roadmap for your child and guide you every step of the way.


Expert Learning Support

From learning assessments to executive functioning coaching, subject tutoring to private test prep, our team of educators delivers professional learning support.

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Featured Success Story

“I learned how to see when my brain needs a break and how to take a break and still get things done during my break. He showed me how to use my ADHD for myself instead of against myself.”

Gabriella, Grade 8

Jaime Miglionico, M.A.


As a professional tutor and academic coach, Jaime Miglionico has helped hundreds of grade school, high school, and undergraduate students reach their educational goals by uncovering and harnessing their unique personal strengths.


Executive Functioning


Organization & Study Skills


Learning Assessments


IEP & 504 Plan Support

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Educational consulting, from
3rd grade to college graduation.

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