Don’t Let Anything

Hold You Back

SAT® Tutoring

Don’t Let Anything

Hold You Back

SAT® Tutoring

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Studying for the SAT?
One-On-One Prep Works

Most students and parents recognize the value of SAT prep. After all, solid SAT scores can open a lot of doors. But group learning isn’t for everyone, especially when it comes to studying for a high-stakes standardized test like the SAT. Professional and inspiring, the Vested Academics Test Prep Team can help you prepare more efficiently by diagnosing your weaknesses and keeping you focused on the specific sections of the exam that give you the most trouble.

How Does Our Test Prep Tutoring Team Help Students?

Hourly Tutoring & Packages

Whether looking for a few hours or an all-inclusive program, our test prep team is here to help you meet your goals.

Professional Tutors

We hire kind, innovative educators who have mastered their subjects and understand how to help students reach their potential.

Real People (Not On-Demand)

Stop paying for over-priced video lessons that don’t get you anywhere. Our tutors work through problems step by step.

Customized Prep Curriculum

We create learning plans tailored to the individual needs of each student and their specific goals.

Learning Differences Support

If your student has specific learning needs, we offer professional executive functioning support.

Affordable Study Materials

Unlike other companies, we don’t require you to pay for expensive test-prep books or supplies.

“I had a lot of stress from my SAT Exam, but she helped me a lot by giving me helpful tips and tricks on memorization and study tactics that I have never heard about but would suit my learning style. I’m definitely going to try the tactics, and my anxiety has decreased a lot compared to the other people that I have talked too. She tailored each study tactic to who I am personally and how I personally learn. She is kind and very easy to talk to. I can’t wait to try them out!”

H.S. Senior, Massachusetts

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