Don’t Just Access Your Education, Reach Your Full Potential

Vested Academics provides guidance to parents and educational support to students with specific learning disabilities, learning differences, and other learning challenges.

Access Isn’t Enough

Unfortunately, most learning support plans miss the mark. Covered in legalese and outdated assessments, the models approved in rushed annual assessments barely guarantee access to an education, never mind the planning and resources students actually need to thrive.

Too Many Pieces

Sometimes, parents become easily overwhelmed by the volume of information they receive regarding their child’s learning. From speaking with various professionals to sorting through clinical evaluations, keeping up to date on everything becomes a full-time job.

Vested Academics keeps parents informed and helps students reach their educational potentials. Here’s how . . .


Effective Communication

We listen to families

Understanding the nuances of each student’s learning challenges is important to us. We take the time to hear your concerns and your child’s experiences with learning.

We listen to clinicians

Hearing from the doctors, therapists, and other healthcare professionals on your team is part of our process. Our learning support approach is designed to welcome outside information in order to gain a complete understanding of the student.

We listen to school personnel

At Vested Academics, we reach out to teachers, school counselors, and administrators to gather perspectives and put together the pieces of each student as a learner.


IEP & 504 Plan Strategies

We implement and practice strategies that work on our clients’ IEPs and 504 Plans or, in some situations, help restructure them if they are outdated and ineffective.


Professional Educators

At Vested Academics, all our Learning Support team members have a master’s degree or higher and more than ten years of professional teaching or educational consulting experience.

Specialized Support

Attention issues

We help students with ADD and ADHD gain new skills and use their own innate strengths to find success at school.

Anxiety and depression

Our consultants offer academic learning support to students struggling with anxiety and depression. Compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable, our team understands how to assist students with daily tasks and long-term assignments.

Specific learning disabilities

At Vested Academics, our consultants support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and other learning disabilities. We help students practice strategies that will lead them toward independent learning.

Real Progress

Assessing growth

We work hard to ensure your child’s support plan is not only in line with their educational goals but also demonstrating efficacy. Our team regularly tracks and assesses students to ensure our approach is producing results.

Staying current

From the start, we connect with your child’s teachers, doctors, and counselors to design a comprehensive academic support plan. However, as your child’s learning needs change, we make the necessary adjustments to keep current with the rest of your team’s recommendations.

Differentiated instruction

At Vested Academics, we understand that there is always more than one approach to learning—which is a good thing! That’s why our team designs open-minded, inclusive plans that help students learn in ways that suit them best.


Grades 3-5 & Grades 6-8

Our educational consultants work with elementary and middle school students, teaching them learning strategies that will make them successful inside the classroom and at home.


High School & College Students

We deliver learning support to teenage students and undergraduates navigating busy schedules, grades, college planning, and more.


We offer families comprehensive, effective learning plans & support

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