Academic Coaching Creates Successful, Independent Learners

Our Learning Support Team helps students of all ages and grade levels develop the skills they need to manage their own learning.

Organizational Skills Aren’t Always Taught in School

Like it or not, strong executive functioning skills are a must for success in school and the working world. But, for one reason or another, students rarely gain instruction on how to design study plans, manage deadlines, and stay organized.

Students Are Busier Now Than They Used to Be

Most students (and families) have a lot on their plates, from after-school activities and travel teams to clubs and community groups. Finding the time to study is as hard for learners as it is for their parents to keep them accountable for their choices.

At Vested Academics, our academic coaches teach students to become organized, responsible, and engaged. Here’s how . . .



Matching students with the right coach

We believe that getting to know our students helps us understand their challenges and, more importantly, innate strengths. That’s why we take the time to match our students with the right academic coach.

Regular sessions

By keeping regular meetings with their academic coach, our students are discouraged from relying on old, unsuccessful habits and encouraged to try and employ new learning strategies.

Goal setting & follow-through

Vested Academics coaches work with students to set goals and design efficient strategies to actualize them, carefully carving out free time for a balanced, well-rounded schedule.


Every Grade & Level

From third grade to college seniors, struggling students to advanced learners, our academic coaches teach students organizational skills that engender independence.


Experienced Academic Coaches

Academic coaching is a profession, not a hobby. All Vested Academics coaches have a master’s degree or higher and a decade or more of professional educational consulting experience.


Thrive with more organization

Most students thrive when they’re organized. We show our clients how to break down short-term and long-term assignments alike.

The freedom of efficiency

We help students understand that being efficient means more free time to do the things they enjoy. That’s why we introduce techniques that support their innate learning style and strengths, making preparing for and completing assignments easier and faster.

The power of progress

Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the seemingly unending details of a school year. Vested Academics coaches tactfully remind students of the big picture, their progress, and what they stand to gain by staying on track.

Backed by Science

Informative assessments

At Vested Academics, our Learning Support Team partners with clinical professionals and educational scientists to offer reliable, cutting-edge learning assessments to our clients.

A data-driven approach

We follow the numbers to learn when and why our students require adjustments to their learning plans or additional support.

Connecting the dots

From keeping parents in the loop to communicating with teachers, school counselors, and medical professionals, we ensure our clients receive the very best support, from start to finish.


The Whole Student

No matter what obstacles they face, our clients receive a holistic approach to learning that aligns with their unique strengths.


A Worthy Investment

By having your child work with an academic coach now, you are teaching them the skills they need to succeed today, in college, and as a working professional.


We help students become independent learners for life

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