Test Prep for All Learning Styles

From small-group classes to private, one-on-one tutoring, our test prep team is here to help your student succeed.

Offered in person at our Learning Center in Norwell, MA and via private, secure video conference, Vested Academics Test Prep is available to students in grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and high school.

Boot Camps Don’t Work

Stressed out and short on time, most students enroll in popular test prep crash courses. Whether delivered in person or online, these models are designed to maximize profitability and not learning. Bombarded by content, lectures, and assignments, struggling students rarely fill any of their learning gaps and typically fail to make any significant gains.

Self-Paced Test Prep Courses Require Discipline

Most parents see self-paced test prep as an economical alternative to private instruction. While tempting, these web-based options are often unsuccessful because they require self-discipline—something that most teenagers are still mastering. Additionally, most popular self-paced test prep interfaces include pre-recorded webinar content and drop-and-drag or clickable exercises that are more distracting than productive.

Vested Academics Test Prep Tutoring & Classes prepare students the right way for their standardized tests. Here’s how . . .


Small-Group Classes

Interactive & engaging

By offering small-group, in-person test prep classes, we keep our students engaged and involved during each meeting and throughout the duration of their learning.

Commonsense curricula

Created to accommodate multiple learning styles, each Vested Academics Test Prep Class assesses foundational concepts, introduces new material, and uses practical exercises to reinforce understanding.

Manageable pace

Our instructors take students through exam content one step at a time, allowing them to ask questions, uncover weaknesses, and fill learning gaps.


Experienced Instructors

Led by seasoned test prep instructors, our small-group test prep classes are designed to encourage participation, develop problem-solving skills, and cultivate lasting results.


In-Person Classes

For students who are frustrated with remote learning, Vested Academics Test Prep Classes are taught in person, offering a more hands-on approach than draining, impersonal webinars.

One-On-One Tutoring

Private tutoring

Not everyone learns well in a group setting. For students looking for individual attention, our private, one-on-one test prep tutoring is an excellent fit.

Learning assessments

Understanding how a student processes and retains new information allows our private test prep tutors to save time by teaching students techniques that work for them.

Personalized study plan

From their first practice exercise to test day, students will have an outlined study strategy that offers a steady, step-by-step approach to daily, weekly, and monthly test prep.

All Major Exams

Private school admissions

We offer private, one-on-one test prep tutoring for all private school entrance exams, tailoring our approach to both middle school and high school students.

Grades 9 & 10

By working with students early on in high school, the Vested Academics Test Prep Team reduces stress and inefficient cramming, slowly building on concepts over time.

High school juniors & seniors

Whatever your teen’s college goals might be, our classes and private test prep tutoring can keep them focused, prepared, and on track to meet their goals.


Classes & Hourly Options

Whether your child enjoys group learning or a one-on-one tutoring approach, we offer both test prep classes and private tutoring to ensure all students get the support they need.


Various Standardized Tests

Interested in prepping for a specific exam? The Vested Academics Test Prep Team provides effective learning options for a variety of standardized tests.


Smarter, efficient test prep that works

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