Julia & Martin: a Working-Parent Success Story

How Vested Academics helped a busy family successfully manage the demands of online learning and working from home

How It All Started

With their two parents working from home offices, Julia and Martin were independent for much of the day. Although there was schoolwork to be done in their online classrooms, Martin raced through his and played loudly, while Julia and her frustrated whining echoed through the walls, disrupting important business calls. Their parents did their best to provide support between work obligations, but everyone felt overwhelmed and exhausted.

Drowning in tension, their parents quickly realized they needed help. That’s when they came to Vested Academics.

Parent Perspective

  • Struggled balancing work with providing academic support
  • Inconsistent and unable to enforce homework policies
  • Felt guilty and unsuccessful in parenting and work roles

Julia’s Perspective

  • Couldn’t find her assignments
  • Didn’t know why school had become so hard
  • Felt “stupid” and completely discouraged

Martin’s Perspective

  • Raced through all his “easy” schoolwork
  • Admitted to being bored and unchallenged
  • Wanted to learn about the things that interested him

How the Vested Academics Team Helped Julia, Martin, and Their Parents

Academic Coaching—Regular one-on-one sessions with their own academic coaches gave both children the structure and tutoring assistance they needed to stay organized, engaged, and on track.

Modern Tutoring Support—Trained in modern learning technologies, our academic coaches helped Julia and Martin navigate various online platforms and apps provided by their teachers and school, as well as access new helpful resources and learning websites.

Parent Updates & Follow-Up—By sending regular updates, our academic coaches kept both parents up to speed on all the critical details they needed to know, including any important updates from school, emails from teachers, and concerns they had regarding either Juila’s or Martin’s progress.

Looking for Learning Support That Works?

The Result

While Julia required direct instruction to access her work and coaching to get through it, Martin needed additional resources to explore his academic interests. By starting here, both students began to gain more independence and better manage their time, allowing their parents to return to work and the family to feel more comfortable in their challenging situation.

In fact, things went so well that Julia and Martin kept studying with their academic coaches after they returned to in-person school.

In Her Own Words

“I just get it done now. She helps me feel better about it, my work and homework for school. We make a plan for the week…it’s easy for me to do and I can ask her questions and she makes sure I don’t miss turn-ins like I used to.”

3rd Grade

In His Own Words

“He gets me to try to think about new things. And I get to ask questions about black holes and astronomy, way more than I do in school. Having a learning coach is better than being at school sometimes. Sometimes it’s like having a smart friend who brings you to new places in your mind. I save up questions, just to ask him. I never run out of questions and he helps me find the answers.”

4th Grade

Next Steps

At Vested Academics, our learning support professionals help students reach their academic goals. Contact Our Team to learn more.

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With nearly twenty years of experience as an educator, Jennifer Chase has developed a natural ability to meet individual students at their level, helping them find confidence while working toward their goals.

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