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Paying For College

You Get There

We’ll Get You Through

Paying For College

We Advocate For Your Family While You’re Paying For College

How you decide to pay for school today affects your options for tomorrow. And while most of us know this, it doesn’t change the fact that applying for financial aid and scholarships can be a complicated process.

That’s why our approach to financial aid is straight forward. We help families reach their educational goals without falling into money pits. Our professional financial aid consultants have the experience you need to avoid overpaying for a college degree, decrease out-of-pocket expenses, advocate on your behalf, and apply to institutional and external scholarship opportunities.

23,000 Applications (and Counting)

Our financial aid team has a deep bench. Having spent years in higher education, we’ve overseen the processing of more than twenty-three thousand financial aid and student loan applications.

Financial Aid Experts

Our financial aid consultants have professional experience working in the trenches of higher ed. financial aid offices and helping families find external scholarship programs.

Video Conferencing

Parents are busy beings. Working via video conference allows us to meet with your family at your convenience, whether you’re at home, work, or anywhere in between.

Financial Aid Advocacy
Financial Aid

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Scholarship Coaching
External Scholarships

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FAFSA & CSS Profile
Application Assistance

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Repayment Strategies
Financial Aid

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Why Should I Hire a Financial Aid Advocate During College?

How do you get the best deal if you don’t understand how to ask for it? When you work with Vested Academics, you always have a financial aid translator in your corner. We’re up to date on industry trends and evolving regulations that trip up families, costing valuable time and money. Tuition and fees may change. But Vested remains by its commitment to supply application assistance and cost comparisons year after year.

Additionally, financial aid consultants understand how your family’s finances can fluctuate. Loss of employment, illness, and other unforeseen circumstances create havoc for families forced to report two-year-old tax and income data. Having an advocate, however, means never having to navigate an over-strapped and understaffed financial aid office on your own.

How Do We Help Families Pay For College?

FAFSA & CSS Profile Support

Our financial aid consultants provide one-on-one support for the FAFSA and CSS Profile, from start to finish.

Scholarship Coaching

We teach students how to find and apply to external scholarships in high school and throughout all four years of college.

Compare Your Award Letters

No money gets left on the table, and no stone is left unturned when we compare your financial aid offers for your actual college costs.

Appeal Letters

Sometimes, financial awards fall short. We help you assess your chances of receiving additional aid and draft a strong appeal.

Loan Verification Assistance

We provide verification assistance and evaluate public and private loan options for borrowers with an emphasis on consumer rights and protections.

Loan Repayment Options

Our financial aid consultants outline federal debt repayment programs and help students weight their options and apply.

Protect Your Investment

Guidance counselors and FAFSA Nights might help you apply to college, but getting there and making it through take ongoing support. That’s why we work with families of prospective and enrolled undergrads alike. When you hire a Vested Academics financial consultant, you have a financial aid advocate by your side from high school through college graduation.

Dan M.
H.S. Parent, Cambridge, MA

“Having a professional outline our options and talk us through the tough calls was a game changer for us. Doing it on our own seems crazy now…there’s so much we didn’t know.”

Chelsea G.
College Junior, Portland, ME

“What I liked the most about it was that Tyler kept me motivated. He helped me set realistic goals and put it all together. I won three scholarships last semester.”

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