Paying for College

Vested Academics empowers families with the advice they need to navigate the higher education marketplace as informed consumers.

High School Counselors Are Not Financial Aid Professionals

Regardless of whether your child attends a public or private high school, most guidance departments do not have a professional financial aid consultant on their team. Expert advice is critical to avoid overpaying for a college education or, even worse, accruing excess student loan debt.

Most Colleges Are Run Like For-Profit Businesses

Like it or not, most colleges are run like businesses—in other words, they’re trying to make money. They have marketing budgets; they have sales goals; they have bottom lines. Unfortunately, parents often fail to make the necessary mental shift and see themselves as consumers, thereby opening themselves up to predatory lending and emotional investing.

Vested Academics Financial Aid Experts help families save money and avoid excessive debt in many ways. Here’s how . . .


Professional Financial Aid Consultants

Experienced consultants

At Vested Academics, we understand that financial aid consulting is a profession. That’s why our consultants have worked in college financial aid offices and possess a mastery of their craft.

Current industry trends

We’re up to date on industry trends and evolving regulations that trip up families, costing valuable time and money.

Cost comparisons

Although tuition and fees may change, Vested Academics stands by its commitment to supply accurate, efficient, and comprehensive cost comparisons year after year.


Ongoing Support

Financial Aid Night might help you apply to college, but getting there and making it through take ongoing support. That’s why we work with families of prospective and enrolled undergrads alike.


High School & Enrolled College Students

When you hire a Vested Academics financial aid consultant, you have a financial aid advocate by your side from high school through college graduation.

Practical Services

Application support

Our financial aid consultants provide one-on-one support for all the various financial aid applications, from start to finish.

Compare your award letters

No money gets left on the table, and no stone is left unturned when we compare your financial aid offers for your actual college costs.

Scholarship coaching

We teach students how to find and apply to external scholarships in high school and throughout all four years of college.

Advocacy & Guidance

Appeal letters

Sometimes, financial awards fall short. We help you assess your chances of receiving additional aid and draft a strong appeal.

Loan verification assistance

We provide verification assistance and evaluate public and private loan options for borrowers with an emphasis on consumer rights and protections.

Repayment options

Our financial aid consultants outline federal debt repayment programs and help students weigh their options and apply.


Negotiating a Better Deal

How do you get the best deal if you don’t understand how to ask for it? When you work with Vested Academics, you always have a financial aid translator and negotiator in your corner.


Expert Advice & Advocacy

Having a Vested Academics consultant by your side means you never have to navigate an over-strapped and understaffed financial aid office on your own.


We help our clients make informed decions about college costs

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