College Application & Essay Support

At Vested Academics, our experienced consultants guide students through each phase of the college application and essay writing processes.

Applying to College is More Complicated Than It Used to Be

Gone are the days of typed essays and paper applications. For better or worse, the college application process is predominantly online, which means a lot of complex portals, automated responses, and follow-up emails.

Most Colleges Require Multiple Supplemental Essays

Unfortunately, parents often mistakenly assume that college applications only require one essay. The truth is that the majority of schools ask students to submit a main essay, several supplemental essays of varying lengths, activity descriptions, and, in some cases, a resume.

Vested Academics makes the College Application & Essay processes less stressful for students and families. Here’s how . . .


Application Consulting

College admissions experts

Our college consultants have not only worked in college admissions but also read thousands of applications, offering invaluable insights and knowledge to their clients.

One-on-one consulting

We help our students assemble each component of their applications, including extracurricular descriptions, letters of recommendation, essays, supplements, and resumes.

Strategy & timelines

Your family’s Vested Academics consultant will design an admissions strategy for your teen that leverages their strengths and uses the college planning timeline to their advantage.


Highlight Achievements

Having reviewed thousands of applications, our expert admissions consultants help students create applications that showcase their best achievements.


Meet Deadlines

Our consultants regularly check in with our students, ensuring they not only understand when major application milestones occur but also meet their deadlines on time.

Holistic Approach

The whole student

At Vested Academics, we understand that admissions committees are interested in more than just grades and extracurriculars. That’s why our consultants help students use their applications to tell compelling stories that better describe their innate personalities.

One game plan

Sometimes, entertaining too many opinions can result in a college application that is confusing and incomplete. Our professional, experienced admissions consultants create strong, individualized application strategies that are easy to follow.

Less repetition

With strong application outlines, our students assemble college applications that avoid common cliches admissions readers and committees find uninspiring.

Essay Coaching

One-on-one support

Professional writing instructors, Vested Academics writing coaches work one-on-one with each student to uncover their unique story and voice.

Outlines to final drafts

When done the right way, figuring out what to write about can be a fun process. We help our clients brainstorm essay ideas, rework drafts, and generate polished products.

Edits & suggestions

By gently offering critical feedback, our writing coaches suggest grammar, spelling, and punctuation edits and introduce various stylistic approaches that encourage students to produce their best work.


Packages & Hourly Options

Whatever your student’s goals might be, our professional college application and essay consulting services are available by the hour or by way of a customizable package plan.


In Person & via Video Conference

Whether you enjoy a traditional approach or the convenience of virtual collaboration, we offer all our one-on-one application and essay coaching services both in person and via private video conference.

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