Aiguo: an International Student Success Story

How the Vested Academics Team helped a family living abroad navigate the U.S. college admissions process

How It All Started

Aiguo had always dreamed of attending college in the United States. Now, as one of the best students in his senior secondary school, he was prepared to turn his vision into a reality.

Unfamiliar with the American college admissions process, his parents knew they would need to work with a college consulting firm. However, after researching numerous companies—many of which made unrealistic promises and often overcharged international families for services they didn’t need—Aiguo’s parents were unsure who they could trust with their son’s future.

That’s when they were referred to Vested Academics. Shortly thereafter, Aiguo began working with his new college admissions team.

Parent Perspective

  • Needed a better understanding of the U.S. admissions process
  • Wanted to work with a reputable, trustworthy company
  • Looking for guidance from an experienced admissions expert

Aiguo’s Perspective

  • Invested in doing everything he could to succeed
  • Didn’t know how the application process worked
  • Interested in receiving essay guidance and instruction

How the Vested Academics Team Helped Aiguo and His Family

Family Discussions—By holding roundtable discussions with Aiguo and his parents, our team designed a practical, effective admissions strategy based on the family’s envisioned educational and career goals.

College Search—Conversations with Aiguo and his parents gave his admissions consultant the information she needed to research a well-balanced list of safety, match, and reach schools. Additional discussions allowed the family to ask questions, weigh risks, and make their final decisions.

Application Coaching—Working one-on-one with a college essay coach, Aiguo drafted compelling narratives that communicated his story and academic goals. His admissions consultant ensured his application highlighted his best attributes, including academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and internships.

Tuition Cost Analysis—Often required to make unique financial disclosures, families living outside the U.S. are typically unfamiliar with the documents they need to submit and, more importantly, how to correctly estimate the cost of their child’s attendance at an American college or university. Our financial aid consulting team was able to offer Aiguo’s parents expert guidance and advice.

Looking for Professional College Planning?

The Result

Supported every step of the way, Aiguo and his family felt as though they had made the right choice. Their Vested Academics consultant was always there, helping them sort through the myriad details of Aiguo’s international student application and offering the one-on-one assistance he needed to tackle his essays. And while they had to make several difficult decisions, his parents knew they were getting the very best advice, from start to finish.

After months of planning and a lot of hard work, Aiguo submitted his college applications. Later that year, his parents were delighted when they learned he had been accepted to three competitive private schools and one top-tier university. The family’s persistence had been worth it.

In His Own Words

“I am incredibly grateful to the Vested Academics team. They have made my dream come true of attending university in the United States.”

High School Senior

Next Steps

Whether your child is in eighth grade or in their senior year of high school, the Vested Academics College Coaching Team offer families guidance and support throughout the entire college planning process. Contact Our Team to learn more.

Attend our classes and events on this topic. From webinars to in-person events, guest speakers to professional instruction, our events calendar is filled with outstanding resources for parents and students alike. Go to the Events Calendar.

With nearly twenty years of experience as an educator, Jennifer Chase has developed a natural ability to meet individual students at their level, helping them find confidence while working toward their goals.

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