Find Your Perfect College Fit

The admissions experts at Vested Academics help families research college matches, weigh their options, and select the best schools for their unique situations.

Researching Colleges is Overwhelming

With approximately 4,000 colleges in the United States, the higher education marketplace is full of decisions. Unfortunately, most parents fail to hire a professional college consultant to either research or vet their child’s college list, electing to make their decision based on hearsay, college marketing materials, or a quick internet search.

Professional Admissions Consultants Are Undervalued

Most parents fail to recognize the value of working with a professional college consultant until it’s too late. For some reason, they elect to make a $200,000-plus decision without any professional guidance, dismissing the vast experience and knowledge a qualified admission consultant can offer.

Vested Academics Admissions Experts regularly save families time and money in several ways. Here’s how . . .


College Admissions Experts

We know schools

Our admissions experts have visited and researched myriad schools across the country, allowing them to match our clients to the right colleges and universities.

Experienced veterans

Our team of talented college consultants is comprised of professional admissions consultants, financial aid experts, and seasoned writing coaches.

Professional research

By working with our admissions consultants, you can rest assured knowing your college search is being vetted by an experienced researcher with decades of experience.


Higher Ed. Admissions Background

Unlike most high school counselors, our college consultants have worked in higher education admissions departments. They understand the ins and outs and what schools are looking for in successful applicants.


Up to Date & Current

College admissions trends change from year to year. That’s why the Vested Academics College Coaching Team stays current with all the latest news in higher education and admissions standards.

Professional College Searches

Balanced list

The key to any good college search is maintaining a strategic balance. Our consultants design customized lists with safety, match, and reach options.

Roundtable discussions

The college planning process involves numerous family decisions. That’s why we facilitate discussions that help parents and students productively voice their opinions.

Student one-on-one

Finding the right college takes time. By having conversations with our students throughout the research, selection, and decision phases, we help them process their choices.

Expert Guidance

Making the right choice

Every student has unique needs. We ensure our families receive all the information they need to make the best college selection for their situation.

With you step by step

Sometimes, unexpected situations arise during a college search. Whatever the challenge might be, your Vested Academics consultant will be there to help you sort it out.

Wide network

When you become a Vested Academics client, you are further supported by the expertise and guidance that comes with our vast network of colleagues, partners, and specialists.


Compare Offers

Developing a list is only half the battle. That’s why our consultants continue supporting families after their award letters have arrived, ensuring you have expert guidance when you need it most.


Final Selection

Most colleges and universities will give you little time to make your final decision. We help our clients read between the lines of offer letters, ask the right questions, and sort out facts from marketing fiction.


Professional College Searches for Families That Value Experience

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