¡Bienvenido, Jovann!: A Q&A with Our New Spanish Instructor

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jovann Silva Delgado, the Lead Spanish Instructor at Vested Academics. Here’s what he had to say about his background, the benefits of learning Spanish, and his experience as a Spanish instructor at Vested Academics.

A native speaker with ten years of teaching and private tutoring experience, Jovann Silva Delgado brings a passion for language and learning to each of his students at Vested Academics. He believes that learning a foreign language opens doors to not only the world around us but also our own communities.

Tell us about yourself? Where are you from, and how did you come to the United States?

“I was born in Cuba and immigrated to the US in 2012. I completed my master’s degree in Texas before moving to Massachusetts, after which I landed a position as a Spanish teacher at Pembroke High School.”

Why do you enjoy teaching Spanish?

“Spanish is my mother tongue, so teaching it is a way to be closer to my roots and my home. Every time I hear a student imitate my accent, it’s super cool. I remember culture, country, and the things that I really love.”

What is the best way to learn a new language?

“Speak, talk, practice, and make mistakes. I remember when I taught the Spanish word for ice, students could not understand my accent and thought I was saying eyes. You need to understand that you are human. We are made to make mistakes; that’s how we learn. And it’s okay to be wrong. Accept this and forgive yourself, and you will learn so much more.”

Looking for a Spanish Tutor?

What are the benefits of one-on-one Spanish tutoring?

“To learn a foreign language, you need to be able to practice listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In a large class, you aren’t always able to practice all these skills every day. One-on-one tutoring gives you the opportunity to engage and get better at the areas you need to focus on.”

Why do you like working at Vested Academics?

“Working at Vested Academics allows me to teach students of all ages and skill levels. One day I’ll work with students in kindergarten, teaching them numbers and colors, and the next day I’ll work on AP Spanish with high school students. It’s always changing and very interesting.

Actually, when I first started, I was concerned about meeting only once a week, that it wouldn’t be enough. But it was a surprise. The student’s teacher told him he had improved a lot in just a few months. I recently learned that he is already up an entire letter grade.”

Why do you think learning a foreign language is an important part of an education?

“Learning a foreign language is not about being special or having a special skill. It’s about being able to find a better way to communicate with others in your own community and live a fuller life. Most of us don’t need to immigrate to somewhere new in order to learn a foreign language; we have a lot of people around us to practice with and learn from. You just need to keep an open mind and be brave enough to try.”

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With a decade of experience as an educator, Jovann Silva Delgado has taught students of all ages how to enjoy and master the Spanish language.

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