Tyler R. Vunk

Tyler R. Vunk
Chief Executive Officer

Academic Coaching
Executive Functioning Coaching

Tyler R. Vunk is the founder and CEO of Vested Academics. With twenty years of experience mentoring, tutoring, and guiding students, Tyler has built an educational consulting company that supports families every step of the way, from grade school to college graduation.

With degrees in English, music, and neuroscience, Tyler offers his team a unique take on learning. He believes that effective academic support is always holistic—the amount of time one invests in developing a student’s technique must also be devoted to cultivating their self-confidence and patience. For Tyler, an educator is not tasked with teaching the minutia of a given subject but instead helping the student become invested in their own learning.

Specializing in executive functioning coaching, Tyler currently works with students who struggle with ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Whether his clients can’t stand school, are overachievers, or find themselves somewhere in between, he meets his students where they are—with honesty, compassion, and structure.

An avid volunteer, Tyler regularly provides private, one-on-one tutoring and executive functioning support to economically disadvantaged middle school, high school, and undergraduate students with learning differences and disabilities.

A published writer and uncle extraordinaire, Tyler enjoys annoying his niece and nephews, working out at the boxing gym, and chasing squirrels with his Beagle mix, Greta.

Tyler R. Vunk