Academic Coaching for Busy Student Athletes

Well-versed in the routines, demands, and deadlines of student athletes, our academic coaches improve learning, attendance, and participation in the classroom.

Student Athletes Have Demanding Schedules

With games, workouts, practice, team meetings, and film sessions, serious high school and college athletes have jam-packed days. This busy, hyper-focused lifestyle leaves little room for anything else, including school work.

Tutoring Alone Isn’t Enough

Most parents try to help their child by hiring tutors that address learning gaps in specific subjects. But most student athletes need unique forms of executive functioning support that only experienced, qualified educational professionals are able to provide.

Student Athletes
& the Cost of College


of NCAA student athletes
will play professional athletics


of college student athletes
drop out of their sport


of NCAA student athletes
acquire $40k-pus in loan debt

Vested Academics helps Student Athletes stay organized, remain eligible, and get an education. Here’s how . . .


Professional Support

Experienced Educators

Professional, efficient, and flexible, each of our Academic Coaches has a master’s degree or higher, at least ten years of educational consulting experience, and extensive training in modern executive functioning techniques.

Get & Stay Organized

With regular meetings and check-ins, the Vested Academics Learning Support Team ensures its student athletes are always kept on task and up to date with their assignments.

Maintain Balance

Busy schedules require structure to stay afloat. We show athletes how to make time for school, sports, and themselves.


Eligibility & Education

From your child’s first day of tryouts and long after they’ve signed their L.O.I.s, we help student athletes keep their grades up with consistent meetings and one-on-one learning support.


Grades 9-12 & College Students

At Vested Academics, our academic coaches work with high school and collegiate athletes around the U.S. and abroad, both via private video conference and in person.

We Keep Athletes in the Game

100% Report Feeling More Organized

All our student coaching clients reported feeling more organized than before they began working with Vested Academics.

97% Remain Eligible to Play

Approximately ninety-seven percent of our academic coaching clients maintained grades that would keep them eligible to play sports in high school and college.

94% Grade Increases in 2+ Subjects

Ninety-four percent of our academic coaching clients reported grade increases in two or more subjects after working with their academic coach for six months.

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Student Athletes Achieve Their Goals With Vested Academics

Whether starting early or looking to jump right in, you can rest assured knowing the Vested Academics Test Prep Team can help you succeed.


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