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From your rough outline to your final draft, connecting with your writing coach regularly via video conference makes it easy to stay on task and reach deadlines.

In the world of college admissions, details matter. Our writing coaches point out common mistakes and offer useful feedback, ensuring your college essay is as crisp as it is eloquent.

Having read thousands of college essays, our writing coaches direct students away from overused clichés and toward choices that highlight individuality, distinctiveness, and truth.

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We all know good colleges expect great personal statements. But producing one is easier said than done. Our writing coaches do more than organize scattered thoughts and correct grammar; they reveal how to use the art of writing to connect and tell a story.

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From the comfort and convenience of the online setting, you can work live and one-on-one with your private writing coach, learning how to draft unique personal statements that resonate with admissions officers. Whether stuck on your first sentence or in need of some feedback, you can rest assured that your final piece will highlight your achievements, illuminate your individuality, and vivify your applications.

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“Writing about myself was just awkward because I’m a math person. My writing coach gave me steps to follow and made it logical.”

Cody W.
High School Senior

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Whether applying to a state school, private college, or top-tier university, you can depend on our experienced and professional writing coaches to guide you toward a memorable college essay.

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