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We Know Our Students

Vested Academics

“There were steps that she outlined for me. That’s what I liked the most. It made the whole thing simple.”

Matthew C.
UMass Amherst

Vested Academics

“His approach changed my entire perspective…he knew where I wanted to go with it. The suggestions made sense and I never felt like my voice was being silenced. He really understood my style.”

Sara C.
Yale College

Vested Academics

“I’m a good public speaker but writing has always been hard, or at least getting things started. I just liked the way she introduced it to me…it made the getting started part easier. It saved me so much time.”

Cooper P.
Johns Hopkins University

Vested Academics

“Thank you, Vested Academics!!!”

Keri B.
Boston University

Vested Academics

“We had captains’ practices starting in August, so getting this out of the way was great. I also didn’t feel rushed at all, because it was the summer.”

Nichole T.
Tufts University

Vested Academics

“Jen and Tyler are the best!!!”

Jessica M.
Colorado College

Vested Academics

“I was so stressed out about my college essay. But we brainstormed and the outline was super helpful…it came together so quickly!”

Lauren H.
Babson College

Vested Academics

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At Vested Academics, we have higher standards. Learn why more parents trust our seasoned admissions consultants and professional essay coaches with their teen’s college essay.

Professionals, Not Hobbyists

» Veteran Admissions Team
» Professional Writing Instructors
» 10-Plus Years of Experience
» Master’s Degree’s or Higher

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Vested Academics

Our Client Parents

“As a college professor and mother of two teenage boys, I strongly recommend Vested Academics. The other companies we came across were not very transparent…they tried to overcharge us for one-to-one online meet-ups with graduate students. Vested was different from the start. My son was matched with a knowledgeable writing instructor who met with him in person and on Zoom. It made all the difference. He knew how to get through to him…how to get him to slow down, think, and create something special that made him confident and proud.”

Christine O.
Cambridge, M.A.

Vested Academics

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