College Planning for Charter School Families

Sometimes, charter school parents need more college planning and admissions consulting services than are provided at their child’s school. At Vested Academics, we offer guidance, college planning, and financial aid consulting to charter school families, from eighth grade to senior year of high school.


Early Guidance

Most families select a charter school because they value education. However, without the right high school guidance game plan, your investment can fall short. From class selection to extracurriculars, our admissions consultants help you get it right from the start.


Financial Aid Consulting

Wherever you fall on the financial spectrum, getting the right advice will keep you from making costly mistakes. Our expert financial aid consultants give charter school parents the knowledge they need to compare tuition costs and complete financial aid forms and scholarships.


Applications & Essays

When the time finally comes to apply, the private writing coaches at Vested Academics are here to assist your child. Working one-on-one, they are excellent at initiating the creative process, offering editorial suggestions, and making space for each student’s unique voice.

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