Families Need
Academic Guidance

Ensuring your child gets a quality education is no easy task. From middle school to college, the decisions are endless. Unfortunately, most schools are unable to provide consistent academic guidance. And, even more challenging, your child will likely have a tough time taking advice directly from you.

Poor Guidance Can
Create Financial Disasters

Like it or not, the college game has changed since the 1980s. Letting your teenager figure it out on their own can be a costly mistake. Families often depend on unqualified high school counselors for admissions consulting and financial aid advice—a hasty decision that can drain your savings, alter your retirement goals, and put your child in excessive student loan debt.

Academic Guidance Helps
Families Avoid Disasters

One of the best ways you can avoid overpaying for a college degree later is by getting the right advice now. From outlining class schedules to investigating extracurricular options, exploring career paths to designing financial aid plans and college search lists, professional academic guidance is a smart, worthwhile investment.

Students Succeed
With Ongoing Guidance

For one reason or another, most undergrads arrive at college with gaps in their learning. Sometimes, students are missing the basic organizational, note-taking, and research skills needed to perform at the college level. Others don’t know how or when to ask for help. From their first day of middle school to the last day of their senior year of college, students need ongoing support and guidance to succeed.

We Provide Families With
Excellent Academic Guidance

Whether you find us in middle school, high school, or college, our team of experienced educational professionals, admissions consultants, and financial aid experts is here to guide and support your family over the long haul.

Who Do We Help?

Grades 3-8

High School


& Families

How Can We Help Your Family?

Student Coaching
  • Study Skills
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Research & Writing
Early College Planning
  • Class Schedules
  • Extracurriculars
  • Volunteer Work
  • Career Shadowing
College Planning
  • College Searches
  • Admissions Consulting
  • Application Support
  • Essay Coaching
Financial Aid Consulting
  • Cost Analysis
  • CSS Profile Support
  • Appeal Letters
  • Scholarship Coaching