The Vested Academics Story

From our early beginnings to our company’s success, learn how Vested Academics became a model for family-focused educational consulting.

Early Observations

As an academic coach, Tyler R. Vunk worked one-on-one with just about every type of student under the sun. Early on in his career, he noticed that the students who did better in school had something in common: they knew how to assess their workloads and, more importantly, when and how to ask for help.

Tyler’s volunteer work with children, teens, and undergrads also taught him that real change happens when support and guidance are available to families over extended periods of time, rather than short bursts.

Trust is the Secret Sauce

When he founded his educational consulting company, Vested Academics, Tyler understood that offering quality services alone wouldn’t be sufficient. He knew that you had to prioritize building and maintaining relationships; otherwise, students would not hang in there long enough to overcome their challenges and get to the good stuff.

“From day one,” says Vunk, “I made trust Vested Academics’s secret sauce.” A seemingly tall order in the world of pay-for-click advertisements, referral programs, and quid-pro-quo testimonials, this same staunch investment in protecting trust is undoubtedly what makes Vested Academics unique.

Why Vested Academics Works

“When you help someone’s child over a few days or weeks, you illustrate your dependability,” says Vunk. “However, when you successfully guide a student toward both academic and personal growth over the span of several years, you’re demonstrating to a parent that their family’s goals are your goals. That trust and mutual respect are earned. You can’t fake it. And that’s why Vested Academics works. We make your goals our own.”

Vested Academics Tyler Vunk Scholarship Coach

From the Source

“Educational startups, online tutoring farms, and fly-by-night college planning companies throw a lot of marketing dollars at parents to appear dependable and established. But we all know trust is the one thing you have to earn, especially when it comes to families.

At Vested Academics, we stick with our kids for the long haul and always put the needs of our families first. If doing the right thing is a new model, then I’m fine with being called progressive. But, at the end of the day, Our parents feel supported. They know we’re here for them when they need us.”

Tyler R. Vunk
CEO, Vested Academics


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