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Streamline Your Essay

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College Essays

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Having read thousands of college essays, our writing coaches direct students away from overused clichés and toward choices that highlight individuality, distinctiveness, and accomplishments. Please use the following form to request more information and schedule a time to discuss your child’s specific admissions goals with a member of our consulting team.

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We all know good colleges expect great personal statements. But writing one is easier said than done. Our writing coaches do more than organize scattered thoughts and correct grammar; they reveal how to use the art of writing to connect and tell a story.

From the convenience of the online setting, your child will work live and one-on-one with their private writing coach, learning how to draft unique personal statements that resonate with admissions officers.

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Teri K.
High School Parent, Pittsfield, MA

“I was skeptical at first. But then I remembered how much we paid for her to play field hockey last year. It wasn’t even a drop in the bucket…and it was definitely worth it. The video meetings kept it simple, too…so SMART!”

Connie J.
High School Parent, Falmouth, MA

“Believe me, we did our research. Vested Academics is the most affordable, professional college planning service out there. The pay-as-you-go for freshmen and sophomores was perfect for our girls and our budget.”

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