The Vested Academics Network

At Vested Academics, we understand families rely on us for quality educational guidance and learning support. So when our clients need services that we don’t provide, we guide them toward our trusted partners. Vetted, professional, and experienced, each of the providers in the Vested Academics Network has a proven track record of success, not only with our clients but in their own communities as well.

It’s All About Trust

If you would like to learn more about why we recommend a specific service provider in the Vested Academics Network, we would be happy to speak with you. Contact Us to schedule a convenient time to chat.

Vested Academics Tyler Vunk Scholarship Coach

“Francesca has helped our clients obtain accommodations without going through expensive legal proceedings.”

Tyler Vunk

Tyler R. Vunk, CEO Vested Academics

“The Weaver Center is Vested Academics’s go-to for neuropsychological testing and educational evaluations.”


Mirey Haneef, PR Vested Academics


“Drew is an outstanding photographer. He’s great to work with and takes excellent senior photos.”

Jennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher, Admissions Consultant

Drew Lederman Photography

“We recommend The Best Teks to all our parents, as regular maintenance of your child’s computer can decrease viruses and security threats.”

Tyler Vunk

Tyler R. Vunk, CEO Vested Academics