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Assess, Adapt & Strengthen

Sometimes, students have a tough time learning inside the classroom. After all, group learning isn’t for everyone. The good news is that our tutoring team understands how to work with students of all ages and learning styles. We assess abilities and adapt to each student’s unique needs, filling educational gaps, reinforcing knowledge, and building new skills.

How Does Our Tutoring Team Help Students?

Learning How to Learn

Everyone learners differently (and that’s ok). We help students understand their unique learning process and how to enjoy it.

Organizational Skills

From homework folders to assignment planners, our tutors outline organizational strategies that improve efficiency.


It’s hard to review past concepts without solid notes. We show students how to take orderly notes that make sense to them.

Study Habits

Our tutors show students how to develop realistic study plans for homework assignments and follow them through to completion.

Regular Check-Ins

Working via private video conference, our tutors connect with students regularly throughout the week and weekend.

Parent Updates

We keep parents in the loop by sending them weekly progress notes and updates via text or email.

“I learned how to see when my brain needs a break and how to take a break and still get things done during my break. He showed me how to use my ADHD for myself instead of against myself. And how I have to see it in a different way than most of my teachers do. Sometimes it is like I used to speak a different language than most of them and now I know how to translate what they say in my own way and I can really get it.”

8th Grader, Oregon

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