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Our main goal is to be a consistent resource for your family, from middle school to grad school. That’s why we offer professional, one-on-one college planning and learning support services for students in grades 3-8, high school, and college. We want to be there for you from start to finish.

Who Do We Work With?



Hannah W.
High School Parent, Glastonbury, CT

“Her basketball team practices all year long. Missing practice to get extra help was not an option. This worked out perfectly! Her coach is thrilled. She’s back on the honor roll for the first time in three years!!”

James S.
High School Parent, Amherst, MA

“We sent him to highly recommended tutors but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t getting the work done on his own. Student coaching helped him from the start…it’s the accountability that made the difference.”

“My coach helped me get better grades in math by showing me how to think problems through. She helped me figure out how to learn my math skills in amazing ways I never thought of before. My grades in math were C’s and I felt awful about it. And I couldn’t keep my head up in class sometimes. Now they’re A’s and A+’s. I want to go on to study computer science and be an engineer.”

High School Freshman, Massachusetts

Mavis T.
7th Grade Parent, Barnstable, MA

“My daughter just struggles with organization. Checking in a few times a week before her homework time jogged her memory and helped her prioritize. And the video chats work well…one less drive for us is great!”

Sara F.
High School Parent, Bellaire, TX

“It was the first time my son ever heard someone tell him that he was smart. She could see past the anxiety and depression and got him to make choices for himself.”

“I learned how to see when my brain needs a break and how to take a break and still get things done during my break. He showed me how to use my ADHD for myself instead of against myself. And how I have to see it in a different way than most of my teachers do. Sometimes it is like I used to speak a different language than most of them and now I know how to translate what they say in my own way and I can really get it.”

8th Grader, Oregon


Patience F.
College Freshman, Ann Arbor, MI

“The advisor at my school was never around and did not seem to care too much about the classes I took. Working with my coach made me feel supported, like I wasn’t going through it by myself.”

Owen H.
College Freshman, Orno, ME

“My first month at college was like drowning. In high school, teachers gave you second chances and organized things for you. But my coach saved my life…he helped me make my own study schedule and find out where to get help on campus.”

“During my freshman year, I basically went along with what my friends were doing. My grades were fine and I had a part-time job but I didn’t really understand the big picture. After my first meeting with my coach, I had this ah-ha moment. I realized that my time was valuable and that I had to make things happen instead of waiting for them to come to me. Now I work at a paid marketing internship and I am on schedule to graduate a semester early.”

Kadie K.
College Sophomore, Fairfax, VA

Alfie H.
College Junior, Cortland, NY

“The peer tutors and disability center at my university are terrible. I have slow processing speed and they just could not get me. My coach showed me how to do research and write papers in a way that clicked for me.”

Jessie N.
College Sophomore, Jackson, MI

“I’m from a small town so going to a big school was completely intimidating. And my first roommate was a partier, so it made it even harder. Talking with my coach a few times every week helped me stay focused on my courses and make new friends.”


Hannah G.
High School Parent, Cambridge, MA

“I didn’t start the process with my oldest until her senior year, and it was a stressful nightmare. Her guidance counselor was useless. I’m glad we found you for our youngest.”

Connie J.
High School Parent, Falmouth, MA

“Believe me, we did our research. Vested Academics is the most affordable, professional college planning service out there. The pay-as-you-go for freshmen and sophomores was perfect for our girls and our budget.”

“I was late to the college prep game when I met Tyler Vunk. He and his team at Vested Academics took my son under their wing and got us through the process! I was really scared and overwhelmed. They broke it all down, took out the fear, and made it easy and fun. The team was so supportive and available to us. I couldn’t imagine having to go through it without them. I am incredibly grateful and will be calling on them in about six months to start my second son and again for my third. Looking forward to working with Vested Academics in the upcoming years.”

Missy W.
H.S. Parent, North Attleboro, MA

Sam C.
High School Senior, Weston, MA

“Writing about myself was just awkward because I’m a math person. My writing coach gave me steps to follow and made my college essays logical.”

Teri K.
High School Parent, Pittsfield, MA

“I was skeptical at first. But then I remembered how much we paid for her to play field hockey last year. It wasn’t even a drop in the bucket…and it was definitely worth it. The video meetings kept it simple, too…so SMART!”


Laurie O.
College Junior, Fitchburg, MA

“It was hard at first because I felt like a failure, like I had destroyed my future. But she kept me calm and helped me see how transferring could be positive. She was right. I am studying medical biology again and have a lot of close friends.”

Charlotte S.
Undergrad Parent, Portland, ME

“His college didn’t have the academic support services or accommodations they promised us on the tour. He left after one month. I’m so grateful to this company…Tyler’s admissions team matched him to a new college that had everything he needed. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

“I didn’t want to listen to anyone because I had my mind set on going to school far away. Honestly, I just looked at Naviance for fifteen minutes and picked out five schools and applied to them. When I look back on it now, I really thought I knew what I was doing. The campus was way too small, in the middle of nowhere, and everyone commuted home on the weekends…it was miserable. My Vested Academics admissions counselor gave me a list of schools that made sense. Before I transferred, she made sure I visited them and she helped me compare the pros and cons until we found the right fit. My new school is perfect!!!”

Lia M.
College Sophomore, Arlington, VA


Dan M.
High School Parent, Cambridge, MA

“Having a professional outline our options and talk us through the tough calls was a game changer for us. Doing it on our own seems crazy now…there’s so much we didn’t know. We almost lost $20K in fees and loan interest. His advice saved us a ton over the long haul.”

Ellie-Mae V.
High School Parent, Baltimore, MD

“He was our third child so we thought we understood the college process inside and out. It never even occurred to us that you could negotiate for a better financial aid package. She explained who to call and what to ask for and how to ask for it. It worked just like she said it would…they gave us an additional $12,000 in grants.”

“I guess I didn’t understand what could happen or how dangerous it can be to your future. I mean, I definitely knew I wanted to go to college but I guess no one ever explained to me how loans and borrowing really work. I talked to him and figured out how much each school cost and it showed the hardships of each choice and made me realize I don’t want to pay student loans for the next 30 years. I’m going to a school that makes sense moneywise and I’m definitely working part-time and over the summer to pay off some loans early, before I graduate.”

High School Senior, Manchester, NH


Teresa P.
High School Parent, Keene, NH

“She put up a big fuss about it until she had her first session. Afterwards she told me that she had never put it together…the amount of money she could bring in with scholarships would help out our family and keep her out of big debt. The $5,500 she won over the summer was a bonus because the way he changed her thinking was worth its weight in gold. She’s on her way to college this fall. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel like she finally sees her potential for the first time in her life.”

Mike L.
Graduate Student, Boston, MA

“I won my first scholarship for $1,000!!! I’m hoping this is the first of many. Your system has continued to prove very valuable for me in keeping these opportunities organized, and the deadlines clear. I’m taking class full-time right now, and despite the heavy workload, I don’t feel (too) stressed about also fitting in these opportunities. If anything, these added projects have helped to hone my time management skills, which I am very grateful for, so thank you.”

“What I liked the most about it was that Tyler kept me motivated. He helped me set realistic goals and put it all together. I won three scholarships last semester!! The $7,000 is going to go a long way and I hope it’s only the beginning! It’s really not that hard. You just have to stick with it. I think of it like a fifth class…it makes it easier to get the essays and applications done. Seriously, EVERYONE should apply to scholarships!!”

Chelsea G.
College Junior, Portland, ME

Why We’re Different

At Vested Academics, we provide students, parents, and families with consistent academic guidance throughout their entire educational journeys. Whether you find us in fourth grade or during your senior year of college, our consultants are here to support you every step of the way, delivering one-on-one learning support and college planning.

Packages or Pay-As-You-Go

From commitment-free to all-in, we offer a variety of payment options, allowing you to select the best fit for your family’s budget.

One-On-One From Anywhere

Our private, one-on-one video conferencing lets us connect with students and parents when they need us most, day or night, from anywhere.

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