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Academic Coaching

Reach Your Potential

& Hit Your Stride

Academic Coaching

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Academic Coaching

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Academic Coaching

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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Fill Learning Gaps
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When children are struggling in school, parents typically seek out additional help. Some parents are willing to spend a lot of money on private tutoring but often fail to see the results they were expecting. Why is this?

Unfortunately, all the elite tutoring in the world won’t help a student who has not yet learned how to learn. While one-on-one tutoring and group learning are equally valuable, they do not always translate into independent learning—a skill that becomes increasingly important the further you go up the academic ladder.

Student coaching works, because it gets to the root cause of the issue. When a student understands their unique learning style and how to use it, they’re able to absorb new information. Once this happens, tutors can begin filling in learning gaps for good.

How Do We Help Students Become Independent Learners?

Learning How to Learn

Everyone learns differently (and that’s ok). We help students understand their unique learning process and how to enjoy it.

Organizational Skills

From homework folders to assignment planners, our coaches outline organizational strategies that improve efficiency.

IEP & 504 Plan Support

We provide professional one-on-one learning and executive functioning support to students with learning differences, ADD, ADHD, and anxiety.

Study Habits

Our coaches show students how to develop realistic study plans for homework assignments and follow them through to completion.

Regular Check-Ins

Working via private video conference, our coaches connect with students regularly throughout the week and weekend.

Parent Updates

We keep parents in the loop by sending them weekly progress notes and updates via text or email.

“My coach helped me get better grades in math by showing me how to think problems through. She helped me figure out how to learn my math skills in amazing ways I never thought of before. My grades in math were C’s and I felt awful about it. And I couldn’t keep my head up in class sometimes. Now they’re A’s and A+’s. I want to go on to study computer science and be an engineer.”

High School Freshman, Massachusetts

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