VA’s Steady Readers:
Learning Goals & FAQ

Designed for rising second graders, VA’s Steady Readers class delivers a fun, multisensory approach to fluency, vocabulary, writing, and reading comprehension.

» Rising Second Graders (Ages 6 & 7)
» Unique Multisensory Curriculum
» Wilson Reading Certified Instructor

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Vested Academics Reading Enrichment

VA’s Steady Readers
Learning Goals

Foster your rising second grader’s love for reading with an engaging, fun, multisensory curriculum.

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Foster your rising second grader’s love for reading with an engaging, fun, multisensory curriculum.


Strengthen Comprehension

Demonstrate comprehension through recalling, retelling, and questioning the key details and central ideas in a text


Develop Fluency

Practice fluency with appropriate rate and expression, using some self-correction


Phonological Awareness

Develop phonological awareness by understanding words, syllable, and phonemes through rhyming, syllable segmentation, and isolating sounds


Decoding Skills

Use word analysis to decode one and two syllable words that follow phonics rules


Print Practice

Demonstrate print awareness by understanding the organization and features of printed text


Tier 2 Vocabulary

Practice high frequency words and explore Tier 2 vocabulary words for comprehension improvement


Writing & Expression

Produce developed and organized pieces of writing to convey ideas and narratives based on prompts


Active Listening

Listen actively to instructions, a variety of texts read aloud, and to peers’ ideas

VA’s Steady Readers
Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Vested Academics? Where will my child’s reading enrichment classes take place?

All of your child’s reading enrichment classes will be held at the Vested Academics Learning Center in Norwell, MA:

Vested Academics
200 Cordwainer Drive
Suite 201A
Norwell, MA 02061

T: (617) 245-4003

What about class size? How many students will be in my child’s class?

Each Steady Readers class will have no more than 6 students, allowing for the perfect balance of group interaction and individualized attention.

How much does a Steady Readers class cost?

We offer our summer classes in weekly and biweekly packages:
» 4-Class Package: $220
» 8-Class Package: $425

How long are my child’s classes and how often do they meet?

Each Steady Readers class is 60 minutes long. Parents can choose to have their child attend a class either once or twice per week.

Where can I register my child?

You can start the registration process by filling out our Summer 2023 Registration Form. A member of our team will reach out soon thereafter to answer your questions and confirm your registration.

I was put on a waiting list. Now what?

If you were put on our waiting list, don’t worry! We will reach out to you as soon as a spot becomes available. In the meantime, you can always explore our one-on-one reading support services..

How qualified is my child’s instructor?

At Vested Academics, kindness and credentials count. All our reading instructors have master’s degrees or higher, certifications in either the Orton-Gillingham Method or Wilson Reading System program, and at least 10 years of experience in their respective fields.

Warm, patient, and professional, our instructors know how to keep young students engaged, facilitate a positive group dynamic, and, of course, make learning fun!

What about scheduling? When will my child’s class meet?

During your initial consultation, our Center Coordinator will go over our current openings and help you select the days and times that are right for you.

Can I drop off my child or should I stay for the entire class?

Each child has different needs, which is why we ask parents of rising second graders to remain at our learning center for their child’s first class. Once your child feels comfortable, you are welcome to drop them off for their other classes or continue waiting in our parent lounge (which has plenty of free coffee, high speed internet, and comfortable seating).

Do you offer one-on-one reading support?

Yes, we do! You can learn more about our one-on-one reading support services on our website. If you would like to speak with someone, simply fill out the following form and a member of our team will reach out to answer your questions and discuss next steps:

» Request Information.

Link to: <span class="postpara1">VESTED ACADEMICS</span><br><span class="posttitle1">Our Learning Center</span>Link to: <span class="postpara1">VESTED ACADEMICS</span><br><span class="posttitle1">Our Learning Center</span>

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