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Our experienced coaches teach parents, high school students, and undergrads how to use free resources to find quality scholarship programs.

Don’t miss out! Time management is everything. Learn how to prioritize and keep track of scholarship search opportunities all year long.

Like it or not, they’re out there. We’ll show you how to spot common scholarship scams and shameless marketing ploys.

Scholarship Search

Why a Scholarship Coach?

A Better Scholarship Search

Packed with merit awards, corporate scholarships, and essay contests, the internet is full of free financial aid. But, with so many opportunities out there, it’s easy to waste a lot of time applying to the wrong scholarship programs.

From the convenience of a private video conference, our friendly and experienced scholarship coaches guide parents and students, step by step, through the entire process of navigating scholarship search engines and other free resources.

Scholarship Search Support

Efficient & Streamlined

A complete solution, Vested Academics® Scholarship Coaching affords students with the professional scholarship and writing coaching support necessary to assemble competitive scholarship applications. During a series of private, one-on-one video conferencing sessions, our coaching team assists students with outlining application strategies, gathering supportive materials, and drafting unique personal statements and essays.

Scholarship Search
Scholarship Search

Invest in Independence

Conduct Your Own Scholarship Search

Most free scholarship search engines are full of disinformation, requiring an experienced eye to correctly assess a given program and spot scholarship scams and marketing ploys. Unlike a matching service that charges a one-time fee for a list of recycled scholarships, our coaches teach an organizational approach—developed by Vested Academics’ founder, Tyler R. Vunk—that makes locating and entering quality scholarship opportunities possible on a year-round basis. Our scholarship coaches make great motivators, too! Online check-ins help busy students set goals, create manageable work schedules, and stay on track.

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“What I liked the most about it was that Tyler kept me motivated. He helped me set realistic goals and put it all together.”

Chelsea G.
College Junior

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Scholarship Coaching

From explaining how scholarship search engines work to outlining common scams, our scholarship coaches are here to help students reach their financial aid goals.

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