Ready to Give Up on Online Learning? Not So Fast…

As the weirdest school year ever draws to a close, most families are sick of this new reality called “online learning,” which in general, has not been a success. Summer is a time to get off the screen and get outside safely, but don’t give up on online learning altogether. Not all online learning is equal.

While most of us have had to adapt quite recently to working and learning online, Vested Academics entered this new reality well-prepared. For the last four years, this team of seasoned educational professionals, college planners, and financial aid consultants has provided its one-on-one tutoring and college planning services to students and families solely via private video conference.

“Even though we’re based in Massachusetts, I designed our model to help students anywhere in the U.S. learn better and avoid overpaying for a college degree,” says Vested Academics’ CEO, Tyler R. Vunk. “When everything happened in March, we already had the infrastructure in place to help a lot of working parents and disoriented students get through the shock of remote learning.”

From Maine to Hawaii, Vested Academics not only works with a diverse clientele but also offers a uniquely comprehensive menu of critical educational services, all online. “One arm of our business focuses on college planning,” says Vunk. “We assist with college searches, applications, and admissions essays.” With special expertise in preventing excessive student loan debt, Vested Academics’ financial aid consulting services includes tuition cost analyses, financial aid appeals, FAFSA & CSS Profile guidance, loan advice and verification, and debt repayment strategies.

“The other arm of our business is centered around learning support, focusing on strengthening executive function skills and independent learning,” says Vunk. “We work with students in grades 3-12 and enrolled college students, too.” Vested Academics’ elite squad of tutors and academic coaches delivers one-on-one subject tutoring, anchored in improving motivation, developing study skills, and healthy work habits.

They also offer specialized executive functioning support for students who are on IEPs and 504 Plans or have been diagnosed with learning differences, ADD, ADHD, autism, or anxiety. “I’m very proud of our team. They’re professionals in both their respective fields and the craft of online education. This allows us to provide highly skilled education support to meet the unique needs of all students.”

Looking forward to opening a new office in Hanover this fall, Vested Academics will begin offering in-person services when it is safe to do so. Until then, this team of online educational experts will continue doing what it does best.

“Teaching online is a skill. And, like any skill, it takes hours of training to become proficient and years to master,” says Vunk. “If either you or your child had a bad experience with remote learning this spring, I would encourage you to give us a try. When done the right way, learning via video conference can be as engaging as it is life-changing. We can help you and your student succeed in this new learning environment.”

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Joseph NovinsonTyler R. Vunk is the CEO of Vested Academics. He is committed to helping students and families learn online and achieve their educational goals.

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