Mirey Haneef

Public Relations
& Marketing

Mirey Haneef is a dynamic and experienced educator. An expert in guiding diverse, multi-ethnic students and families to success in higher education, she is passionate about connecting her clients to the Vested Academics approach.

Mirey’s experience in higher education, most recently as Assistant Director of Multicultural and International Affairs at Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA), has focused on recruiting and retaining ethnically, racially diverse, first-generation, and international students, supporting their integration and success. To this end, she initiated a scholar mentorship program at MMA, organized trainings for faculty and staff, and led programming for underrepresented students.

While earning her Master’s in Education from the University of Arkansas, Mirey also worked at Upward Bound. Here, she saw the power of trusted relationships, expert coaching, and ongoing support, all of which kept students on the path to higher education. This experience was invaluable, demonstrating that the road to college success starts early and, more importantly, doesn’t end with getting accepted to college. Inspired by the effectiveness of Vested Academics’ holistic approach, Mirey uses her skills to build relationships, telling the stories of the students and families whose lives and learning have been transformed by Vested.

Mirey, her husband, and three children live in Mansfield, MA, where they like to host get-togethers, watch Marvel movies, play pretend in fantasy worlds, and explore nature.