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Middle School


Middle School Coaching

Middle school challenges don’t seal academic fates. We help students see through fictional narratives and recognize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Middle School Coaching

Our consultants work directly with parents, offering practical advice that reinforces strengths, improves weaknesses, and outlines short and long-term goals.

Middle School Coaching

Recognizing bad habits and fixing them are two different things. We make sure parents and students have what they need to communicate, stay on track, and succeed.

Learning How to Learn

Emphasizing Wellbeing Before Grades

While grades can reinforce personal accomplishments, the focus of middle school should be directed toward the process of learning how to learn rather than on academic performance. Encouraging engagement and generating genuine curiosity, our consultants help middle schoolers overcome obstacles by emphasizing their accomplishments along their personal learning paths.

It’s Ok. You Can Smile.

Responsibility Feels Good!

Middle school offers families an excellent opportunity for growth. Students, preparing for success in high school, can take on more responsibility. For this to happen, however, parents must, in turn, refrain from making all the decisions for their children. But allowing students to practice accountability in real time is a lot easier said than done.

From homework issues to communication breakdowns, our consultants help parents navigate this often challenging time, resolving power struggles and encouraging healthy boundaries and involvement.

Our Results


“We all want our children to be happy and successful. But getting them to see the big picture is the trickiest part. Her recommendations have been incredibly helpful. He’s just more involved now…the individual attention is invaluable.”

Nicole L.
Eighth Grade Parent

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Middle School Coaching

Whether seeking a second opinion or in need of regular guidance, our consultants are here to help you and your child succeed.

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