Expert Teaching,

Guidance & Support


Expert Teaching,

Guidance & Support


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At Vested Academics, we believe that homeschool students should have just as many opportunities as public and private school students. That’s why our online homeschool approach includes:

  • Professional Educators
  • One-On-One Learning
  • Time Management Coaching
  • IEP & 504 Plan Support
  • Guidance Counselors

How Does Our Homeschool Team Help Students?

Professional Educators

Experienced, professional, and kind, our teachers are innovative educators who understand how to help students reach their potential.

Training & More Training

Each of our teachers, coaches, and educational consultants receives extensive training in online learning techniques that keep students engaged.

One-On-One Learning

By working with teachers one-on-one, our students avoid learning gaps, can ask specific questions, and progress at their open pace.

Guidance Counselors

Learning from home presents unique challenges. That’s why our guidance team offers our students regular mentoring sessions and support to parents.

Time Management Coaching

Our devoted academic coaches teach students how to stay organized, get assignments done, and learn independently.

IEP & 504 Plan Support

We provide professional one-on-one learning and executive functioning support to students with learning differences, ADD, ADHD, and anxiety.

James S.
High School Parent, Amherst, MA

“We sent him to highly recommended tutors but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t getting the work done on his own. Student coaching helped him from the start…it’s the accountability that made the difference.”

Sara F.
High School Parent, Bellaire, TX

“It was the first time my son ever heard someone tell him that he was smart. She could see past the anxiety and depression and got him to make choices for himself.”

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