Dream Big.

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High School

Complete College Planning

College Planning

Grades Do Not Define Potential

Going beyond grades and test scores, our college consultants take the time to get to know each student, discuss possibilities, and uncover potential.

Are You College-Ready?

Student Coaching Works

Unfortunately, most college-readiness studies suggest that the majority of U.S. high school seniors who go on to attend an undergraduate program are unprepared. Our Student Coaching service helps students develop the independence and organizational skills they need to succeed in both high school and college.

High School Student Coaching

Financially Practical

Cost-Effective Payment Plans

Offering a variety of college planning services, Vested Academics is committed to providing students and families with the guidance they need to weigh their options, avoid excessive student loan debt, and find the right schools (at the right prices). We have several packages and payment plan options, affording students and families with the freedom to choose the admissions counseling, financial aid consulting, and scholarship coaching services that fit their unique needs.