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High School Coaching

Set Them Up

For Success Now

High School Coaching

How Can High School Coaching Help Your Teen?

Learned Skills:
  • Organization
  • Note-Taking
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Test anxiety
  • Maturity
  • Work Habits
  • Focus
  • Independence
  • Better decisions
  • Grades
  • Homework
  • Presentations
  • Exams & quizzes

Looking For

Where Will My Coaching Sessions Be Held?

As seasoned educators and parents, we know how hectic your teen’s school year can be. And we also recognize that improvements happen when support is consistent. That’s why we hold our sessions via private video conference. This approach lets us meet regularly, build a routine, and adapt to your family’s schedule. It also means your teen can receive the help they need in the place that works best for them, whether it’s at home, school, or anywhere in between.

How Does It Work?

After an initial assessment, we begin by meeting with your teen for three, thirty-minute sessions per week. Over time, as they gain skills, improve work habits, and make better choices, your teenager’s self-confidence will begin to rise. And, when the timing is right, we’ll gradually meet less and less. This approach gives your teen the chance to use what they’ve learned and further develop their independence.

Keeping You Updated, Informed & in the Loop.

We send parents weekly email updates to report progress, make suggestions, and outline goals. More importantly, you can always connect with us by email or phone and, as needed, via video conference. Our team and your teen’s consultant are here to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you might have. We’re here to support your family step of the way.

High School
Coaching FAQ

How long is each session?

Each high school coaching session lasts thirty minutes. We typically meet three times per week with each student. Keeping the sessions short maximizes focus and ensures we can provide the consistent structure needed to form new habits.

Will my teen do well with video conferencing?

In our experience, most teens are masters at working and learning via video conference. You can always book a free phone consult with us before you get started to go over any specific concerns you might have.

Do you help students with learning differences?

We do help students with learning differences. However, we do ask that you have a free consult with us before we begin working with you. This will allow us to properly assess whether or not our services will be a good fit for your child and their specific needs. And, if for some reason we’re not a perfect match for you, we’ll be more than happy to refer you to someone who can help.

How do I request more information?

You are always welcome to call our office during our regular business hours: (617) 245-4003. If you prefer email, you may fill out a form on our Contact page HERE.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hannah W.
H.S. Parent, Glastonbury, CT

“Her basketball team practices all year long. Missing practice to get extra help was not an option. This worked out perfectly! Her coach is thrilled. She’s back on the honor roll for the first time in three years!!”

James S.
H.S. Parent, Amherst, MA

“We sent him to highly recommended tutors, but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t getting the work done on his own. This helped him from the start. It’s the accountability that made the difference.”

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