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High School

Student Coaching

Working regularly with students throughout the week via video conference, our consultants use accountability to discuss decisions and meet academic goals.

Stressing independence, our consultants prepare students for their undergraduate educations by improving time management, organizational, and critical thinking skills.

Updated by phone or email, we send parents weekly reports to ensure challenges are addressed, progress is tracked, and both short and long-term goals are met.

Early College Planning

Reversing Ownership

Teens, Responsibility & Accountability

The first two years of high school are an important time. Students, preparing for success in college, need to get used to taking on additional responsibilities. But, for this to work, parents must stop doing everything for their teenager. We realize that this doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process. From academic and extracurricular choices to the occasional communication breakdown, our consultants help parents navigate this often challenging time, resolving power struggles and encouraging healthy boundaries and involvement.

Independence is the Key

The Benefits of Student Coaching

The transition from high school to college is challenging for most students. But, when incoming freshmen are unprepared, the rigor of undergraduate work can be too much to handle.

The good news is that high school students have four years to develop the various skills required of successful college students. By evaluating choices and emphasizing consistency, our consultants slowly introduce teenagers to the benefits of time management, organization, and responsibility—three components that are critical for not only college-readiness but also independence.

High School Student Coaching

Our Results


“We sent him to highly recommended tutors, but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t getting the work done on his own. This helped him from the start…it’s the accountability that made the difference.”

James S.
High School Parent

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Student Coaching

Whether looking for acute support or in need of regular guidance, our Student Coaching service is designed to help your teenager improve their college-readiness.

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