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If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that teaching online is a skill. Our tutors understand that online group learning works best when students ask questions, talk to their peers, and solve problems in real-time, just like in the classroom. That’s why our group tutoring sessions never have more than five students, allowing everyone to participate and learn.

How Does Our Group Tutoring Team Help Students?

Professional Tutors

We hire kind, innovative educators who have mastered their subjects and understand how to help students reach their potential.

Engaging Participation

Our tutors receive extensive training in modern online learning techniques that keep students engaged and participating.

Teamwork Skills

We encourage an online group learning environment that teaches students how to work together to solve problems.

Homework & More

Whether they come to their sessions with specific assignments or empty-handed, our students gain academic ground and progress.

Presentation Skills

Patient and respectful, our tutors help students develop public speaking skills by asking them to present their work to the group.

Parent Updates

We always keep parents in the loop by sending them regular progress notes and updates via email.

“It’s different than learning remote at school. I like it because I can ask questions and do better that way. It’s easier for homework, to get it done. We move through websites and see pictures of stuff and that helps…to see new things, like sometimes we watch videos, and I understand it better instead of in a book by myself. And it’s better. That’s all, it’s just better this way.”

5th Grader, Massachusetts

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