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Grad School Admissions

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Grad School Admissions

With thousands of options, the higher education marketplace is full of risk. Our experienced financial aid consultants can help you weigh your options, compare packages, and make practical decisions.

Stop missing out on free funding! Our Consulting Team teaches students and parents how to locate, vet, and apply to various aid programs, grants, and scholarship opportunities.

Whether for state or federal funding, private or community colleges, financial aid applications are rarely straightforward. Our consultants will ensure your applications are completed correctly and on time.

Grad School Admissions

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Financial Aid Explained

Twenty years ago, finding oneself at an educational institution was both socially acceptable and, more importantly, financially possible. Today, however, expensive tuitions and increased access to student loans have altered the traditional college experience.

Now more than ever, students who fail to assess accurately the risks associated with pursuing their intended academic paths might not only overpay for their degrees but also end up putting off important life milestones, such as buying homes and starting families.

Financial Aid Advice


A complete solution, Vested Academics® Financial Aid Consulting affords students and parents with the professional consulting support necessary to assemble several popular financial aid applications, including the FAFSA and CSS Profile. During a series of private, one-on-one video conferencing sessions, our consultants assist clients with outlining application strategies, gathering supportive materials, and filling out both electronic and paper applications.

Grad School Admissions