Personalized Learning Support for Grades 6-8

Experienced, professional, and kind, our learning support team provides a variety of educational services to middle school students and their parents.

Our clients enjoy our services in person, at our Learning Center in Norwell, MA, and from anywhere in the U.S. or abroad via private, secure video conference.

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An Inclusive Approach

Students are always heard

At Vested Academics, students have a say in their own learning. We listen carefully to what they tell us (and what they don’t) so we can always take the best approach.

We listen to parents

Our educators understand the challenges of parenthood. We look at the bigger picture, allowing us to hear you, adapt to your family’s unique needs, and effectively help your child.

Encouraged professional collaboration

Our goal is to see the whole student. Sometimes that means hearing from medical professionals, teachers, athletic coaches, and school counselors. Our consultants communicate with all the members of your child’s team, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Vested Academics
Learning Support Solutions

Find your way to better learning with our team of educational consultants and learning professionals.

Get Better Grades

Improve confidence, study habits, and classroom performance


Find solutions for students struggling with attention issues

Executive Functioning

Improve organization, learn study skills, and find balance


Make learning positive again via goals, support, and listening


IEP & 504 Plan Support

Empower students with tools to manage their own learning

Student Athletes & Teams

Keep busy student athletes focused, on track, and eligible to do what they love

Working Parents & Professionals

Help for busy families and professionals managing the demands of school

Boarding School Students

Specialized support for students in competitive environments

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