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Most grad students recognize the value of a strong admissions essay. Drafting a memorable piece, however, is easier said than done. Our writing coaches do more than organize scattered thoughts and correct grammar; they reveal how to use the art of writing to connect and tell a story.

Comprised of educational professionals and graduates of elite institutions, the Vested Academics Consulting Team has the experience to guide grad students, step-by-step, through the entire admissions essay process. The Vested Academics Graduate School Essay Package offers a complete solution for students who are seeking to draft memorable personal statements and essays.

Package Details

What’s Included:

Video Conferences (Writing Coach):

  • Essay strategy and outline (1 @ 60 min)
  • Private writing coaching (3 @ 60 min)

Complimentary Services:

  • 1 Blind essay read & feedback from Admissions Consultant


  • Convenient online scheduling & booking

Price: $589

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