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Gap Year Planning

Whether in need of a break or unsure of their next steps, our clients embark on productive gap years that deliver discovery, fulfillment, and perspective.

Sensitive to the unique needs of their clients, our consultants tailor each gap year to evoke both positive change and sustained motivation.

No matter if they elect to travel, volunteer, or take on a competitive internship during their gap years, our clients can find new academic and career directions.

The Freedom of Structure

Building a Responsible & Productive Gap Year

Although the idea of taking time off in between high school and college is nothing new, the mere mention of a gap year often makes parents uneasy. This hesitation is not unwarranted, as a break that lacks goal setting and structure is undoubtedly risky. With this logic, a Vested Academics’ gap year carefully balances exploration with both regular assessment and a definitive timeline. By helping students create and actualize experiential learning goals, our consultants match their clients to work, travel, and volunteer opportunities that simultaneously recharge passions and direct young minds toward the exploration of meaningful careers.

Gap Year Support

(Wherever You Go)

At Vested Academics, we understand that students are more likely to return to college when gap years are not only mapped out from start to finish but also include regular check-ins. Whether traveling abroad, working or volunteering in a different state, or interning with a local professional or organization, our clients stay connected with their consultant via video conference, ensuring gap years are the productive, transformative, and interim experiences they are meant to be.

Gap Year Planning

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“Not everybody knows what they want to do after graduation. My gap year just took the pressure off and gave me the chance to really think about who I was and what I wanted.”

Kevin R.
College Senior

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Gap Year Planning

From explaining different programs to discussing whether or not a structured break is right for your child, our consultants are ready to help you design and actualize a productive gap year plan.

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