Francesca Korbas, Esq.
Special Education Advocate & Attorney


  • Vested Vetted Ranking: (A+)
  • Special education legal advisement
  • Services offered remotely & in person

About Francesca Korbas, Esq.

Francesca provides individualized counseling and advisement-based services to parents of students in need of or receiving special education services and accommodations. Her practice encourages parents to be actively involved in the special education process and bolsters their confidence in doing so through legal coaching and counseling. When necessary, Francesca may agree to represent parents in a formal capacity.

What Services Does She Provide?

Francesca designs individualized service packages with parents to prepare them for special education related communications and negotiations as well as disciplinary hearings.

Services Offered:

  • Coaching & Counseling
  • Legal Advisement
  • Limited Representation

What Are Her Areas of focus?

Francesca’s areas of focus include:

  • IEP development meetings
  • 504 plans
  • Student discipline
  • School records
  • Placement disputes & negotiations
  • Special education evaluations

Why We Recommend Her

  • Professional, kind, and experienced, Francesca has a proven track record of success
  • Francesca has personally helped our clients obtain accommodations without going through expensive legal proceedings
  • Providing individualized attention to her clients, Francesca offers outstanding, personalized service that large firms are typically unable to deliver

From Francesca:

“My services are entirely dedicated to the empowerment of parents, who understand their children better than anyone else. Parents of students with special needs will find that, through my services, they will develop a consistent support system and a general feeling of relief knowing that they have the power of the law in their corner.”

Contact Francesca Korbas, Esq.

Francesca Korbas, Esq.
Special Education Advocate & Attorney
Norfolk, MA 02056

T: (508) 203-7251