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In need of FAFSA help? Don’t know how to handle the CSS Profile? Offering hourly services and all-inclusive packages, our financial aid consultants provide families with topnotch support, allowing them to meet application deadlines.

Having a trained financial aid professional in your corner is invaluable. No matter what your financial aid plan might entail, you can rest assured that our consultants will give you practical, effective financial aid advice.

When it comes to filling out financial aid forms, seemingly small errors can quickly lead to larger problems. Our financial aid consultants spot application mistakes before they affect your E.F.C. and award offers.


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The Benefits of FAFSA Help

Whether focused on lowering out-of-pocket costs or dependent on financial aid, prospective college students are expected to complete and submit the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Although most parents and financially independent students will likely tackle this application on their own, hiring an outside consultant for FAFSA help has several benefits. Working with a seasoned professional can ensure the information you are providing accurately represents your current financial situation. Furthermore, employing a consultant for FAFSA help will undoubtedly decrease the amount of time you spend filling out online forms.

Patient and experienced, our financial aid consultants provide FAFSA help to parents, students, and families. Having worked in financial aid offices and reviewed thousands of aid applications, our consultants can answer all your FAFSA-related questions, saving you time and steering you away from costly mistakes.

Professional CSS Profile & FAFSA Help


Commute-free, efficient, and professional, Vested Academics® Financial Aid Consulting delivers expert guidance and support to students, parents, and families. Whether in need of FAFSA help or assistance with the CSS Profile, our clients work one-on-one with our financial aid consultants via private video conferencing sessions, receiving advice, completing forms, and even submitting financial aid applications live, in real time.


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“It’s a big decision, figuring out the financial aid situation. There’s going to be anxiety and stress involved no matter how you go about it. We were kept in the loop the entire time. It made all the difference.”

Courtney T.
High School Parent

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Our financial aid consultants empower students, parents, and families with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, design practical plans, and actualize educational goals.

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