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Student Employability
Coaching Package

Professional Guidance

Employability Coaching helps high school and undergraduate students with disabilities and learning differences learn to self-reflect, translate experience into learning, and communicate their employability effectively in various academic, social, and recruitment scenarios. Conducted over a series of private video conferences, regular coaching sessions will be used to guide students through three key phases: Self-Reflection, Career Exploration, and Toolkit Development.

Self-Reflection: During this phase, students will perform guided self-assessments and self-reflection to inventory their learning styles, strengths, interests, skills, values, and challenges. Goals include cultivating self-awareness and building original personal narratives.

 Career Exploration: Students are asked to use their developing insights to customize their personal narratives for different academic and professional scenarios (e.g., college interviews, and work interviews). Goals include exploring environments where strengths, interests, and skills align.

 Toolkit Development: The goal of this final phase directs students toward creating personal strategies that help them take ownership of new habits, stay on task, develop personalized systems to organize materials and work areas, and learn how to advocate for themselves. Students will have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews, create a resume, practice cover letter writing, and write real letters of inquiry to potential employers, volunteer sites, or for informational interviews.

Package Details

What’s Included:

Video Conferences:

  • Student Assessment (1 @ 60 min)
  • Student Check-Ins (8 @ 30 min)


  • Convenient online scheduling & booking

Price: $850

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