Educational Advocacy for Parents & Students

We assist parents with preparing for and negotiating all aspects of the special education and 504 Plan processes.

The Special Education Process Isn’t Straight Forward

Suffice it to say, the special education process is vexing. Most parents find its complex procedural and substantive requirements as confusing as the relevant language used by school personnel, lawyers, and clinicians.

Meetings Can Be Cold, Hostile & Unproductive

The participants and subject matter involved in most Individualized Education Program (IEP) and 504 Plan meetings are often intimidating, leaving parents feeling unheard or, even worse, excluded. When handled without tact, these exchanges can lead to hostile, lose-lose outcomes.

At Vested Advocates, our team of special education advocates helps parents navigate the special education and 504 Plan processes with confidence. Here’s how . . .


Professional Advocates

Experienced & highly skilled

Composed of special education experts, former teachers, and professionals, our advocacy team is well-versed in the areas of education and disabilities as well as the art of tactful negotiation.

Every step of the way

Professional, experienced, and kind, our advocates walk parents through how to communicate with school personnel, prepare for meetings and effectively assert their rights.

Kind & understanding

Seasoned, thorough, and attentive, our team includes advocates who have experience, both personally and professionally, successfully navigating the special education and 504 Plan processes.


Coaching & Representation

Our advocates provide a uniquely-designed set of services that address all areas of the special education and 504 Plan processes via consulting and, when necessary, representation.


Confident & Empowered

We arm parents and guardians with the skills they need to understand education-related issues, ask the right questions, and not feel discouraged by school personnel during meetings.

Review & Prepare

Interpreting your documents

Our advocates know how to read and interpret privately conducted and school-based evaluations and assessments, helping you better understand the entire situation.

Less heavy lifting

By weeding through all documentation, communications, and meeting content, our advocates hone in on the current and future areas of concern, allowing parents to save time and feel confident for future meetings and communications. 

Annual meeting & evaluation prep

The prep work for annual IEP meetings and evaluations is tedious. Working one-on-one with parents, we help them organize and prepare the specific supportive materials they will utilize.

Strategy & Negotiation

Getting ahead of the situation

We coach parents on the different scenarios they may encounter during these meetings and help them enter meetings with concrete goals, an adaptable strategy, and hope for successful outcomes.

In your corner

If representation is necessary, parents can rest assured knowing our advocates have professional negotiation skills and a comprehensive understanding of all the intricacies of the special education process, including the drafting and implementation of IEPs and how school personnel operate.

Diffusing conflict

Well-versed in the emotional triggers that special education meetings can engender, our advocates are adept at predicting future conflicts, mitigating current issues, and coaching parents on the broad tools one needs to navigate these systems.


Balance & Tact

Passionate about student rights, our advocates accompany parents through the delicate dance of strategy and emotion that define these processes.


Build a Better Relationship

We strive to develop strong, fair, and successful relationships with your child’s school, administration, and faculty, avoiding ineffective adversarial approaches.


Access the education your child is entitled to

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