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What Is Early College Planning?

Early College Planning (ECP) begins before kids start high school or early into their high school careers. The goal of ECP is not to overwhelm kids but to make a plan that they feel comfortable with. We want to encourage them to try new things and evolve during their four years of high school, so that they can matriculate to college seamlessly.

How Does Our Early College Planning Team Help Students?

Your Timeline

From freshman-year choices to senior-year applications, we help parents understand how the entire college process works.

Class Selection

The classes a student chooses carry a lot of weight with admissions committees. We show students how to make better choices.

Student Involvement

We help young students realize that the more they understand about the college process, the easier their transition will be.

Extracurricular Guidance

Got extracurricular tunnel vision? Our ECP Team recommends new activities that allow students to explore and grow.

Volunteering & Internships

We believe that active community involvement and shadowing professionals guide students toward future careers.

Academic Support

Sometimes, a poor performance is worth investigating. Our network of vetted coaches, tutors, and learning specialists can help.

“I didn’t start the process with my oldest until her senior year, and it was a stressful nightmare…I’m glad we found you for our youngest. When I had a problem or question, I had someone to call. And she explained things to my daughter in a way that she could understand. She really got through to her.”

Hannah G.
High School Parent, Cambridge, MA

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