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Grades 9 & 10
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Receive our team’s highest level of support, personalized strategies, and one-on-one consulting and guidance for the academic year.
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One Hour

A great option for quick check-ins. Get the guidance you need, when you need it
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The perfect choice for any family looking to get expert advice or one-on-one support
Total Price: $540
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Seven Hours

Ideal for families that are interested in pursuing additional college planning guidance
Total Price: $1225

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Academic Advising
Class Scheduling
Extracurricular Guidance
Test Prep Strategy
Parent One-On-Ones
Student One-On-Ones
Private School Guidance
Devoted Admissions Consultant
Enhanced Communication via Phone, Text & Email
Tailored High School Roadmap
Academic Check-Ins
Extracurricular Check-Ins
Parent Updates
Priority Scheduling

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Our team of professional educational consultants and admissions experts help students and families create more college options.



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