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Early College Planning

Every Step of the Way

Early College Planning

By asking students to explore their interests, we use strengths to reinforce confidence while encouraging critical thinking about areas that could be improved.

More than merely generating a college wish list, our approach helps students see the entire path, from middle school and high school decisions to career opportunities.

Beyond the Classroom
From summer camps to fulfilling volunteer requirements, we help students discover unique opportunities that explore career options and develop character.

Early College Planning

Building Aspiration

Early College Planning Promotes Engagement

From clubs to sports, hobbies to socializing, a lot of outlets regularly compete for your child’s time and attention. Parents and school counselors do the best they can to guide young students toward academic pursuits, but their efforts often get lost in translation. Seeking to reenergize and refocus middle school students and high school freshmen and sophomores, our early college planning consultants bring balance back to students’ daily schedules. By exploring interests and reinforcing strengths, our consultants mentor students, highlighting important learning opportunities and extracurricular activities that can lead to optimal college admissions and relevant career options.

Every Student
Has a Story to Tell

The Importance of Early College Planning

At Vested Academics, we believe that great guidance goes beyond recommending courses, reviewing standardized test scores, and performing career assessments. It begins with listening to each student, understanding their struggles and strengths, and involves an ongoing exchange of sharing, honesty, and, at times, vulnerability. Our early college planning consultants believe that when young students view challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles, they become more engaged in school and, ultimately, recognize academic choices shape futures.

Early College Planning

Our Results


“We all want our children to be happy and successful. But getting them to see the big picture is the trickiest part. Her recommendations have been incredibly helpful. He’s just more involved now…the individual attention is invaluable.”

Nicole L.
Eighth Grade Parent

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Early College Planning

Whether seeking a second opinion or in need of regular guidance, our early college planning consultants are here to help you and your child succeed.

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