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Grades 9 & 10

Early College Planning

By mapping out courses and extracurricular activities, our consultants help students and parents design well-balanced freshman and sophomore years.

While coursework is important, we encourage students to find activities, clubs, and peer groups that give them a sense of belonging.

From summer camps to volunteer programs, we help students discover unique opportunities that explore interests and develop curiosity.

Why is ECP Critical

For All 9th and 10th Grade Students?

Early College Planning encourages ninth- and tenth-grade students to explore groups and activities that will develop confidence and a sense of belonging.

We Bring Balance

To Your Freshman and Sophomore Years

From clubs to sports, hobbies to socializing, a lot of outlets regularly compete for your child’s time and attention. Sometimes, being overly involved in extracurriculars can be as draining as it is detrimental. Seeking to reenergize and refocus high school freshmen and sophomores, our consultants bring balance back to daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

Early College Planning
Early College Planning

Less Pressure Later

The Benefits of Early College Planning

By having meaningful conversations early on, before there’s too much pressure to make a last-minute decision, parents can keep the lines of communication open as they help their teen explore the kind of person they want to be and the best path to get there.

Using warmth and professionalism, our experienced consultants not only keep students engaged and accountable but also work with parents to better understand their child and the academic opportunities that await them.

Our Results


“We didn’t start the process with my oldest until her senior year, and it was such a stressful nightmare. Her guidance counselor was useless. I’m glad we found you for our youngest because we didn’t have to make the same mistakes a second time!”

Hannah G.
High School Parent

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Early College Planning

Whether seeking a second opinion or in need of regular guidance, our Early College Planning consultants are here to help you and your child succeed.

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