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Take Your Time

& Find the Right Fit

College Search List

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Whether looking at schools close to home or miles away, our experienced admissions consultants will guide your family through each step of the college search process. Please use the following form to request more information and schedule a time to discuss your child’s specific educational goals with a member of our admissions team.

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Of all the tasks involved in the admissions process, the college search is by far the most time-consuming. Challenged with sorting fact from fiction, most parents struggle to rise above the marketing hype of college fairs, brochures, and websites. And teenagers typically resist their parents’ advice in some way, be it by rejecting logical selections or, even worse, checking out altogether.

The good news is that Vested Academics can help you and your family simplify the entire college search process. Our team of professional consultants is excellent at not only researching potential college fits but also working with students to de-escalate tensions, broaden horizons, and open up to a world filled with infinite possibilities.

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Teri K.
High School Parent, Pittsfield, MA

“I was skeptical at first. But then I remembered how much we paid for her to play field hockey last year. It wasn’t even a drop in the bucket…and it was definitely worth it. The video meetings kept it simple, too…so SMART!”

Connie J.
High School Parent, Falmouth, MA

“Believe me, we did our research. Vested Academics is the most affordable, professional college planning service out there. The pay-as-you-go for freshmen and sophomores was perfect for our girls and our budget.”

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