We Help Families

From Start to Finish

College Planning

We Help Families

From Start to Finish

College Planning

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Early College Planning

Grades 11 & 12
College Search Lists

Grade 12

Grade 12
College Essays

A College Planning Model
That Puts Happiness First

Our college planning model is pretty simple. We don’t try to game the admissions system or use statistics to make money off of parents’ fears. Instead, we put the student’s emotional, social, and developmental needs first. Just like you, we want your child to be happy with their decision two, five, and ten years down the road.

We’ve learned that when you focus on these things, finding the right college fit isn’t stressful. It’s actually quite enjoyable for everyone involved. After all, that’s why we do what we do!

94% Satisfaction Rating

At Vested Academics, we go above and beyond to hire talented, warm professionals who are great to work with. We’re incredibly proud of the fact that our students and families report an overall satisfaction rating of ninety-four percent.

1,000-Plus Students

Comprised of experienced admissions specialists, educational professionals, and financial aid experts, our consultants have helped more than one thousand students reach their college planning and educational goals.

Video Conferencing

The school year is a busy time for everyone. Working via video conference allows us to meet regularly with your teenager and provides you with the flexibility your family’s schedule needs.

Looking For

What Makes Our College Planning Approach Unique?

Seeing beyond the numbers and reading between the lines, our consultants have worked with more than a thousand students. We know that college planning isn’t an exact science. It’s a human process. That’s why we emphasize getting to know each student, parent, and family we work with. Whether meeting via video conference or checking in by phone or email, we are available to you when you need us most. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

How Do We Help Families Navigate the Process?

Early Guidance

By working with freshmen and sophomores, we keep grades in check, discover interests, and slowly introduce conversations about college planning.

Class Recommendations

We create personalized Academic Action Plans that outline class suggestions, extracurriculars, and test prep study schedules for the fall, spring, and summer.

Regular Contact

We connect with students and parents throughout the school year via video conference, phone, and email, assessing progress, modifying approaches, and setting goals.

Strong College Lists

We help families search for the right college fits, understand their chances of acceptance, and develop a balanced list with reach, target, and safety schools.

Application Management

Our admissions consultants oversee every aspect of the application process, ensuring students obtain application materials, finish writing tasks, and meet deadlines.

Private Essay Coaching

Experienced educators, our private writing coaches work one-on-one with students to craft unique essays and supplements, from start to finish.

“I was late to the college prep game when I met Tyler Vunk. He and his team at Vested Academics took my son under their wing and got us through the process! I was really scared and overwhelmed. They broke it all down, took out the fear, and made it easy and fun. The team was so supportive and available to us. I couldn’t imagine having to go through it without them. I am incredibly grateful and will be calling on them in about six months to start my second son and again for my third. Looking forward to working with Vested Academics in the upcoming years.”

Missy W.
H.S. Parent, North Attleboro, MA

More Affordable College Planning for Your Family

One of our main goals is to be a consistent guidance resource for your family, from middle school to grad school. Committed to our clients for the long haul, we deliver our college planning services at approximately one half the cost of the industry standard. We also offer payment plans to help make these investments more affordable.

40-50% Savings

Our college planning services cost 50% less than most college prep companies.

Payment Plans

Several of our packages can be paid for in installments.

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