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By identifying and recommending extracurricular activities and internship opportunities, your consultant will cultivate a college application that highlights your assets and accomplishments.

Whether assisting with an electronic college application or a traditional paper submission, our consultants keep students on task, review all application components, and provide invaluable feedback.

In facilitating and improving relationships, our consultants advise students as they select teachers, employers, and personal references for letters of recommendation.

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Not unlike a business card or professional resume, your college application delivers an important first impression. Admissions officers, aware of this organizational gauntlet, are vigilant, judging applicants on not only the content that resides within this collection of detailed information but also its presentation. And, regardless of where you intend on applying, simple mistakes on a college application can lead to unfortunate consequences. Waitlists and financial aid offers are ultimately generated from the recommendations of an admissions staff and, more importantly, its eagerness to differentiate between strong and weak candidates.

Having worked at admissions offices and reviewed thousands of submissions, our consulting team is devoted to helping our clients assemble crisp, attractive college applications. Manageable and efficient, our approach allocates ample time for both review and multiple revisions, ensuring students produce quality applications and meet deadlines.

Professional College Application Support


Vested Academics® Application Support affords students with the professional college counseling and writing coaching support necessary to assemble a competitive college application. During a series of private, one-on-one video conferencing sessions, our consulting team assists students with outlining application strategies, gathering supportive materials, and reviewing personal statements and essays.

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“As a working parent, I just didn’t have the time to research everything and make sure my daughter met all the deadlines. Working with a professional was completely worth it.”

Aaron J.
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Whether aiming for a state school or vying for a seat at a top-tier university, you can count on our experienced consultants to help you submit a polished college application.

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