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An undergraduate education is always in a state of flux. Our consultants keep enrolled college students on track, whether they’re green first-year students or seasoned upperclassmen.

Decisions shape academic futures. Our professional college advising consultants help undergrads work through challenges, discuss strategies, and thrive during difficult times.

Let’s face it, college administrations are complex. From locating the right office or department to overseeing the completion of forms and petitions, our consultants empower students.

College Advising

Balance Over Burnout

The Benefits of Private College Advising

At Vested Academics, we understand that getting accepted into an undergraduate program is only the beginning. The adjustment from high school to college requires students to adapt to a variety of new experiences quickly. And while most schools offer support services, few students receive the regular guidance they need to make the most of their undergraduate careers.

Working directly with enrolled undergraduate students via video conference, our consultants offer comprehensive college advising support. In helping their clients cope with the pressures associated with increased workloads, high-stakes exams, and developing a new social network, our consultants mentor students, guiding them toward better choices, manageable schedules, and healthier, balanced semesters.

College Advising Support

(When You Need It Most)

From small scheduling changes to rethinking an entire major, undergraduate students need consistent academic guidance throughout all four years of college. And while most schools assign faculty members to each student, the quality of support students receive is largely dictated by the advisor’s commitment level, availability, and experience.

Connecting with students via video conference, our professional college advising consultants work with students throughout the semester. Whether communicating with the registrar’s office or exploring research and internship opportunities, our consultants help students navigate all the resources their colleges and universities have to offer.

College Advising

Staying Connected


“The advisor at my school was never around and, to be perfectly honest, did not seem to care too much about the classes I took. Working with a Vested consultant made me feel supported, like I wasn’t going through it by myself.”

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College Advising

Our professional college advising consultants help enrolled undergrads maintain realistic work schedules, balance social lives, and actualize educational goals.

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