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Undergrad Coaching Package

Professional Guidance

Like it or not, the quality of academic guidance colleges provide to matriculated students varies from institution to institution. The Undergrad Coaching Package gives currently enrolled undergraduate students regular academic advising with a member of our professional consulting team. By checking in on a biweekly basis throughout the semester via video conference, students can work one-on-one with their devoted advising consultant, discussing strategies to meet the demands of heavy workloads and high-stakes exams, balance social and extracurricular obligations, and take advantage of the various resources that are available to them.

Package Details

What’s Included:

Video Conferences:

  • Advisor introduction & goals discussion (1 @ 60 min)
  • Biweekly check-ins throughout semester (8 @ 30 min)


  • Convenient online scheduling & booking

Price: $846

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